Monday, July 12, 2010

Broken Flip Flops

I was running around doing errands when suddenly one of my flip flops broke. Lucky for me I was in Wally World. Sure I could have just bought another pair, but these were my favorite pair of flip flops.

Did you ever try to walk with a broken flip flop? The only way to do it is to drag your foot and have your toes grab on to the two straps that are left. I dragged my foot until I found the aisle with the safety pins and my flop was saved. I guess I could have taken my flop off but have you seen the floors at Wally World?

It got me to thinking. A flip flop has three straps and it is impossible to walk with them if one of the straps is broken. A comfortable pair of flip flops is priceless. You can walk and walk and your feet feel free and cool. I hate wearing shoes on my feet. I like being bare foot the best and flip flops are the closest thing to that for me.

While I was struggling to walk with my broken flip flops, I thought what if God represented the flip flop? The three straps could be the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When one is missing from my life how could I walk? I guess I would drag myself along and maybe use a “safety” until I could get it back in working order. So what’s my safety? It seems it differs from time to time. Sometimes it’s prayer. Sometimes it’s sharing life with a friend. Sometimes it’s worship. Life is much easier when I have my God flip flops on and none of the straps are broken. I walk better. I’m not dragging my foot around. I’m really comfortable.

© Nadine Zawacki 2010


Tom Zawacki said...

And she's back!
Classic Nadine post, love it :)

Anonymous said...

The flip flop spoke to me right away in the form of the "3-stranded cord" regarding marriage. If it's just 2 humans trying to make marriage work, they'll drag and drag and drag along, hobbling.
I guess it's just proof that your revelation carries anointing, it's just the insight I needed. Now I know how to pray into my crisis of today - that the third cord be restituted to the flip-flop (THAT's why they are called flip-flops!!!)
<3 for sharing your happenstances!

Ginnie said...


Dawn said...

Good one, once again. I can't believe you repaired it instead of buying new ones! I can't wear them - toes can't take it.

And yes, I do know the dirty Wally World floors - my grandgirls were trying on shoes, sitting on the floor, and their hands were most filthy when we got home. Uch!!

Brenda said...

Great analogy. Amazing how things as simple as that hit straight home and to the heart!

Bex said...

Wow! Great post! I love how God is in your entire life, in everything you do - that's why you make these observations. Thanks for sharing!

Shionge said...

I love the way you analysed your flip flops and you have always inspired to 'drag' myself if ever something is 'broke' in my life.

Thank you :D

a woman who is said...

Thanks for your prayers Nadine. I am thinking I better be keeping my God flip flops on for the whole recovery process!!! First day home and he is already challenging ;>)

Ily said...

I agree with Tom! Nice to have you back...with your sweet messages and reminders. :)

Happy Sunday, my friend!!

Haddock said...

A detailed analysis of a simple thing - well done.
And yes like that illustration of the flip flop.