Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The thing about encouragement is it comes at the time when you need it most. The time you least expect it. It’s always a pleasant surprise and the person who is encouraging you never realizes the extent and depth that you are touched. When God uses me to encourage someone, I end up being blessed as well. According to the Oxford American Writers Thesaurus here are some other ways of saying encouragement; cheering up, inspiration, motivation, support, morale-boosting, a shot in the arm. The following is my little tale of how I was encouraged today.

Today being a Monday meant that it was very busy at my job. I had a patient comment how impressed she was by my mad multi-tasking skills. I was trying to get through the day at work and didn't think much of it. My day started with a prayer asking God for some hope for the future. Funny how when I pray those types of prayers, I half-heartily pray and lately haven’t expected anything to happen. So today, I owe God a big apology.

Tom was blessed several months ago with the opportunity to go to Israel. The church board thought he should go on this tour that was being offered and someone else donated the money for the trip. I was really happy for him, but a part of me was a little sad to not be able to go on this trip of a lifetime. My happiness was bigger than my saddness. I was really disappointed for him when the trip was canceled because of war and safety issues. I can’t remember who said this to me, but she thought maybe it was a good thing the trip was cancelled because I was meant to go with Tom. I couldn’t this year because I ran out of vacation time and money would have been a secondary issue.

After dinner tonight, Tom got a phone call from a good friend that he knows longer than he knows me. Carmella called and she told me that she wanted to bless the wife of the pastor. She sold a condo and wanted to tithe some money from the sale and she thought that a good way to do that is by donating the money for me to go to Israel with Tom. I don’t think she realized the dept of which she touched my heart. At first I was shocked and then so grateful. I had prayed this morning for some hope and not really expecting any and out of the blue a dear friend calls and not only blessed me, but encouraged me beyond belief. When the trip is offered again, I have the resources to go. So Carmella, if you’re reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You showed me that God does listen to prayers even when we don’t believe He would do anything with it.

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Tom Zawacki said...


I can hardly wait to go!!

I love you...


Anonymous said...

It is such a delight to bless good people. I am so happy that God used me to answer one of your prayers. You and Tom have always been such a blessing to me. I love you both.