Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Perfect Vacation

I was thinking about the perfect vacation. Some might think it takes place in some exotic location. As much as I would love to go to an exotic location such as, Paris, London, Madrid or any place in Italy, that is not what I would consider the perfect vacation. Crazy you say, yes I agree. A beautiful location is not the only ideal. It is quite nice, but vacations are not like real estate. Location, location, location is not everything.

The perfect vacation would be anywhere I can be with my wonderful husband, sans laptop and cell phones. Why would this be the perfect vacation you ask? I realize that the first step is recognizing there is problem. So my problem is that I don’t share well with inanimate objects. Now at home when we’re relaxing that laptop is top notch. It goes wherever I am. I like that. So it’s not totally an evil thing. I mean I love my new laptop that I got for my birthday last month.

I would be happy to go away anywhere, even an hour away from home if he would only leave the laptop home. His undivided attention is what I call the perfect vacation. Now what woman wouldn’t want that? I can’t think of one. I know he reads this blog, so this is a very obvious hint. One or two days away – what do you say handsome?

© Nadine Z.


Tom Zawacki said...

Huh? You talkin' ta me?

Tom Zawacki said...

Honey, sweety, baby, lovey... what are you trying to say?

Tom Zawacki said...

How does Friday & Saturday December 1st & 2nd sound? You name the place!

I love you...


Just Being Me said...

You have a date. I love a man who can take subtle hint. You're the best husband in the whole world. I love you too. Nadine