Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Cards

Tonight our church got together to decorate some Christmas cards. It was lots of fun. All the women (this year, we had some teenage boys, but that’s because of the teenage girls) gathered at the church, ate some goodies and laughed while making some pretty cards (pictured above). This is the one woman’s event I really enjoy doing, even though I don’t like to admit I’m girlie.

When my husband bought me my laptop for my birthday, we went out to get a bag for it. He picks up this bag and my first reaction was, “That’s a real girlie bag.” He said, “Well, you’re a girl.” It made me laugh. I am a girl, but I never really thought of myself like that. What I mean is, growing up I did many girlie things, but I also did lots of non-girlie things. I loved playing sports, hanging out with the guys and being a real tough chick. I grew up in a tough neighborhood and I was not easily intimidated.

Normally I don’t do woman’s event, but tonight was the exception. It was one of those occasions that being girlie was fun. Thanks ladies for a great evening. Maybe I’m softening in my old age . . . nah.

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