Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crazy But True

Did you ever notice how many crazy stories there are out there? If it weren’t true, then it wouldn’t be so weird. Here are a few I came across - enjoy:

1. In Michigan a deer got a plastic jack-o-lantern stuck on his nose. The community where this deer lives is very concerned because the poor deer can’t eat or drink because its mouth is covered. Experts are planning on using a tranquilizer dart to sedate the deer so that the jack-o-lantern can be removed safely without any more trauma to the deer. Can you just picture it? I can and it makes me laugh.

2. In North Carolina a man won by 12,000 votes for the county board. Now this is not crazy, but when you consider he’s been dead for over a month it’s a little nuts. Now I would be so embarrassed if I was the other guy. How could you ever live it down? Imagine being so unpopular that you lose an election to someone who can’t even serve because he’s dead. That man is going to need deep, personal healing.

3. In Iowa, a man called John Kimberlin come up with an idea of using manure to produce heat and electricity. He apparently has a furnace that uses animal waste to produce heat and electricity. Okay this too obvious to even comment on. Manure heat . . . that is all kinds of wrong.

4. A 59 year old German man turned down being released from jail after serving 34 years of a life verdict for murder. So you’re in jail in Germany, and they say you can leave because you have been there long enough. But no you say that’s okay I’m in here for life so I’ll just stay. Maybe he has become so accustomed to his life that he wouldn’t know what to do with freedom. How sad is this? Hey, I’m not saying he shouldn’t be there, but he was offered freedom and refused that’s just weird.

5. Rock, paper, scissors is a game I played as a kid. Little did I know that it would become a world championship event with $8,840 in prize money. I would have continued playing until I developed the mad skills needed to be world champion. Okay, seriously. What’s next – hop scotch world championship?

These stories were a bit bizarre to say the least. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

© Nadine Z. 2006


Matthew said...

Oh Come on, You've lived here long enough to have handled a dried cow patty. That's all we're talking about.

Actually it's as good of a heat source as wood, and burns cleaner too! There is no smell, and is very cheap to produce. There are a lot of places in the world that actually gather up the dried manure from their cattle all summer long and use it for heat during the winter.

If you stop to think about it, it's just dried plant matter. A good fuel source without having to cut down trees, or dig up huge chunks of ground. To me that sound more like all kinds of right!

Tom Zawacki said...

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction... go figure.