Friday, November 03, 2006

Is That Funny?

I came across this joke. Before you read it understand that I have some very smart, talented, beautiful, blonde friends. If you don’t like blonde jokes, skip the next paragraph

One morning, a blonde decides to do a jig-saw puzzle of a tiger. When her husband comes home from work, he finds his wife still staring at the pieces, unable to put any of them together. The blond looks to her husband confused and says, “Honey, I’ve been working on this puzzle all day and I can’t put any piece together!” Her husband then replies, “Let’s put the Frosted Flakes back in the box first.”

Now why do people pick on blondes? Could it be they are insecure or jealous? Do you find that people will make fun of what they are most insecure about? Comics make fun of themselves and why is that? Is it because if you make fun of yourself before someone else does it disarms them? I love to joke around. I poke fun at myself all the time. Am I being mean about it? No I don’t think so. I only poke fun of those I love, why? Those who know you and love you know your heart. But even too much of a good thing isn’t good, that goes for laughs. As I have gotten older, I’m careful to joke in the appropriate time and the appropriate place and with the appropriate people. Hey, am I always perfect at this?. . . well no. So I’ll like to apologize to anyone who was on that other end of a joke that you didn’t find funny.

I love my blonde friends. Some of them are the smartest people I know. Some of them enjoy a good blonde joke or a bad one. I say all that to say this, lighten up. Lift is short and funny things happen. Excess of anything that’s good is not a good thing, but a little laughter goes a long way.

© Nadine Z.


Tom Zawacki said...

got any bald jokes?

Tom :)

Anonymous said...

Not bald jokes, but a few more jokes about blondes.