Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Little Voice Inside My Head

This morning while I considered what to wear to work, a thought came to mind. I never dress in layers because I’m usually hot most of the time. I’m the type of person that would turn the heat on in the car for about five minutes then off because it got too stuffy. I decided to wear a turtle neck and a V-neck sweater. The two different colors went well my pants. I figured if I got too warm I could take off the outer sweater.

Little did I know that the motor for the heat in our office would break down. It was cold. The hospital maintenance men came by with some space heaters, but space heaters only work in small spaces. As long as I was near one of the heaters it wasn’t too bad. Thanks to my two sweaters I was comfortable.

Reflecting back on my morning struggle, I realized that God was speaking to me. He had me do something I never do. Why? He knew the heat would go out. I realized how much God does those little things, like whisper a thought in my mind. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t. I find when I do listen, I’m blessed in little ways. I’m learning not ignore that little voice that interrupts my thoughts during my day. It’s a growth process. I’m much better at this now than I was a year ago.

So Lord thank You for keeping me warm today. Thank You for speaking to me in little ways.

© Nadine Z. 2006

Artwork by Simon Bull

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