Friday, January 26, 2007

Fridays are Good . . . Mondays are Bad . . . Martinis are Even Better

Mondays are for most people their least favorite day of the week. Why is that? I believe it’s because Mondays are bad. In a doctor’s office it can be down right insane. Emergencies always happen over the weekend. Patients can hardly wait until Monday mornings to call their doctor and usually they all call at the same time (or at least it seems that way). As busy as a Monday can be, nothing is worse than a Monday after a three day weekend. It is known as a double Monday. Reapeat after me, double Mondays are very, very bad.

I’ve had four Mondays in a row this week and no one should have to go through that. If I knew how to make a phone bomb, our phones would have been history. It appeared that everyone wanted to speak to Nadine. I've came to the conclusion that I’m changing my name and I’m not telling anyone what it is.

The doctor was cranky for the last couple of days. When that’s the case, I’m the one he expresses his crankiness towards. So I decided to tell him with a smile on my face, “I’ve forgiven you for being mean to me. I just wanted you to know. Everyone can have a bad and I don’t hold it against you.” This made him laugh. I thought if I made him laugh, he would lighten up. It worked temporarily.

I’m in the home stretch – Friday arrives tomorrow – Yippee! Hurrah! The week will end with martinis and fondue with some good friends. Now that’s the only way to end a week like this. Repeat after me, martinis are very, very good.

© Nadine Z. 2007


skidmarksontheside said...

martinis and fondue? what adorable genius thought that up? count me in!! (insert lip smacking here...)

you're amazing... double monday all the way to fantastic friday!

Dianna said...

make mine a margarita!