Saturday, April 07, 2007

An Encouraging Word

In my last post I shared about an outreach we did at the jail. Our church has been doing outreaches for the last several years. We have a booth at the local fair and local boat races that we set up with signs that read, “Free Dream Interpretation” and “Free Life Readings.” It doesn’t look like a “church” booth and because of it we have gotten to minister to thousands of people through the years. Once a month we open our church up for outreach from 9:00 pm until 2:00 am on a Saturday night. We call it “The Den.” A local band plays, we offer lattes, coffee, and tea, as well as dream interpretation and life readings. This is perfect because our church doesn’t look like a church and we are surrounded by bars and clubs.

We have learned a biblical base method of interpreting dreams and a “life reading” is simply an encouraging prophetic word. A prophetic minister I know once said that he was able to see people’s sins and in the beginning of his ministry would point those things out. He was convicted by the Lord to tell the people something they don’t know. People already know the bad things about themselves and they often have trouble seeing the good. I’ve found that seeing what God sees in them blows them away.

One couple Tom and I gave a word to at the fair told us they were at the booth the year before and the people then told them the same thing we just did. I would say that had a positive impact on their lives because they remembered what was said a year earlier. God is so good.

Anyone can give an encouraging word and many of you who read this blog already do. You have no idea how some of your comments bless me. I’ve been battling with whether or not I should continue writing. I wasn’t sure that anyone would want to read my book or be interested in publishing it. I kept thinking about what I call the American Idol Syndrome (the people who can’t sing but their family and friends tell them how terrific they are and are shocked that the judges didn’t pick them). I didn’t want to be one of those people. Today, I was reading one of the blogs I visit and I recognized she was talking about me. She called me a “real” writer. Well I was truly blessed when I read her words. At that moment I heard God say to me not to give up. So thank you E for your encouraging words.

I try to listen to the Lord in order to say words of encouragement to people around me. I only say what is in my heart to say. I am a person who doesn’t use words of flattery. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. So to all of you who are reading this, let me encourage you to look at those people God has placed in your lives and give them an encouraging word today. Ask the Lord to show you something positive, encouraging about the person and then share it. It can even be the check out lady at the grocery store or the paperboy. You may never know the depth your words will have on someone, but the Father does.

Have a Happy Easter.

© Nadine Z. 2007


Nise' said...

Great post! I have awarded your Prisoner of Circumstance blog with the thinking blogger award. Check it out here. Keep up the good work! Happy Easter.
PS: I will email you about your last comment re dreams.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Nadine, You truly are a gifted and talented writer. You're so far from the American Idol Syndrome!! If you chose to stop writing, many people would feel your absence.

Dream interpretation interests me so much. I am one of those people who has vivid dreams, and I remember them so clearly. I'm always trying to determine what they mean.

Happy Easter!!

- Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

A Woman Who is: said...

God has gifted you with the ability to write and to most importantly touch people’s hearts with that gift. You go girl, we are all blessed!

Demara From Yokoso~ said...

Wow Nadine! I too think you are an AWESOME writer!! I mean all your words flow so nicely together and to be blessed to visit Israel? Wow...God is GREAT!

Madison Richards said...

It shouldn't matter what you write or to whom - published or should only matter that you are, in fact "real" when you write. Being authentic and transparent is one of the elements of our culture that has long been lacking.

You are and will always be a "real" writer - and you bless many!!

Louise said...

That is really good, funny you posted that last paragraph, I was asking that specifically of the Lord today to show me how to show love to others today whether in word or deed, people who cross my path today!!
You are a fabulous writer, why do you think I keep coming back for more?? LOL
Have a great Easter!
Bless you today and always in ALL WAYS!!

Sandy said...

Thank you for the *encouragement.*
I always love reading your posts.
Happy Easter. Sandy

palmtreefanatic said...

Happy Easter Nadine!

This Dream interpretation IS fascinating! I feel you are a great writer too!!!

Shionge said...

Nadine I am one of your faithful reader and indeed you write beautifully and I've been on 'suspense' since you started writing :D

You have the talent and look at all the comments, it's full of sincerity and even just by reading your blog, I've been encouraged each and everyday too.

Luv you much Nadine:D

Erin said...

Your writing is really great, and there's no flattery in that comment. I read a lot and what you have kept me interested and wanting more. You have a God-given talent and it's awesome that you use it for Him! Bless you!

Trina said...

I agree that words of encouragement are very powerful, and vice versa. It does make me stop and think about what I should and do say to others. I, too, want to be a strength to others in this life.

Art said...

How inspiring! And you ARE a great writer.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

marykathryn said...

I agree with Trina, shocker..hehe, It does make you stop and think about your daily conversations and what kind of impact you are having on another. They might be just words to us, but to some they could reach down to their soul...
Not to mention that The Lord hears and knows EVERY conversation!!

Karolee said...

Great post. We are commanded to uplift and edify one another. Thanks for reminding us what we should be doing everyday.

Lala's world said...

just another great post!
my friend Super Mom is coming up here this weekend to give a conference on the prophetic...I am so excited!