Friday, April 13, 2007

No, Never Give Up, Never Surrender

I don’t know if you ever seen Galaxy Quest, but it’s a silly comedy starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver among others. The premise is that Tim Allen was on a television show (Star Trek like) for many years. The former cast now go to conventions where their fans dress up like the characters from the show. (Scary isn’t it.) Anyway “real” aliens think that Tim and company are real and not actors and ask for their help to save their planet. I know it’s really silly, but it is fun. There is one line from the movie that sticks with me and that is, “No, never give up, never surrender.” This line came back to mind this past week.

My husband gave a great sermon this past Sunday about reaching your destiny. I hope he puts it on his blog because it was solid information. His three points were humility, loyalty, and longevity.

Longevity summed up is - if the enemy can’t stop you from reaching your destiny, then he’ll try to trick you into giving up. How often do you see someone get so close to reaching their full potential when suddenly they give and quit because it gets too hard? How often do you see someone propel into ministry and then they fall from grace because of sin?

I love Tom and he knows that I don’t blow smoke about his preaching, but this one has stuck with me all week. I don’t want to do anything in my life that would prevent God from moving on my behalf and propelling me into my destiny. One thing I’ve learned in teaching the classes we have at our church is the importance of character. Someone may have great gifting but if they have no character to sustain it, they fail somewhere along the way. Gifting is great, but character is what matters the most to the Lord.

No matter what God has called you to do, remember character outweighs gifting and never give up, never surrender.

© Nadine Z. 2007


Art said...

Never give up, never surrender - wise words from you, Nadine. And I remember that movie - it was good - but not nearly as good as your uplifting posts!

Demara From Yokoso~ said...

Never Give Up Never Surrender!!! Haha yes that is one of my favourites!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

These are good words! so true! nice post!
have a great Day Nadine!

Louise said...

WOW again a fitting post!! I have been doing so much thinking about that lately and praying that God would guide and direct me into the path that HE has chosen for me...and following patiently,not trying to jump ahead(Psalms 16:11)the verse that popped out at me this morning during devotions)! Thanks for those words...I'd love to hear the rest of the sermon!!!

pinks & blues girls said...

I LOVE that movie... always thought it was very underrated!

And what wonderful words you shared here. Thank you!

- Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Trina said...

I think I remember that movie.

Great post, good food for thought this morning.

Dedee said...

Loved the movie and love the sentiment. Thanks for the reminder not to give up! Endurance. Have you ever thought about enduring to the end in the way a runner runs an endurance race? It's a cool thought.

Anyway, as I need to keep on going, I needed this post today. Thanks!

Karolee said...

Galaxy Quest is a family favorite.

I agree with what you wrote, Nadine, but I also know that sometimes Satan keeps us moving in a direction which we may think is the Lord's will but really isn't. We need to learn that sometimes it is OK to give it up and move in a different direction. The times when we have done that, we have seen God's blessings abound in our new pursuits.

A Woman Who is: said...

Character out weights gifting,that says so much and is at the foundation of our faith.

I guess you could also say character trumps gifting.

great post!

Elle*Bee said...

Great post! (and I love the movie Galaxy Quest).

Jen(n) said...

Last Sunday really impacted me as well. I kept thinking I need to listen to this at least two more times before I could really take in the depth of wisdom that Tom was sharing. I, of course, ran up stairs to sign up for a copy of the sermon right away. I look forward to diggin in deeper to what he shared.

Thanks for visiting my "still in the works sight"... feel free to put it on yours.

Much love

Shionge said...

I have not watched this movie but sure glad you share these wise words with me. You are so inspiring Nadine :D

Erin said...

what a great post! Totally spoke to me today character vs. gifting. thank you for the insight!

Amber said...

What wonderful thoughts! So beautifully portrayed!

eph2810 said...

Very wise words, Nadine :) - You know, if we listen to His guidance, we can surely reach the 'finish-line'...When we encounter trials and tribulations, He will see us through.

BTW - I did see the movie, I think twice :)

yours truly B said...

Thank you for the encouragement. you do have a way with words don't you.