Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weeds – Part II

Last week I wrote a post about weeds in my garden. Today was a beautiful morning and I decided to work on getting rid of my weeds. When I started the pulling and spraying, I noticed that this was becoming an unending task (or so it seemed).

Imagine me bending, pulling and spraying when suddenly a car pulls up. The lady in the car starts talking to me. She has two kids in the back of the car. I’m tired, my back hurts and I’m hot. She starts speaking to me like we’ve known each other for years. Here's what transpired:

Lady: “I saw you with your butt sticking up in the air.”
Me: I turned around. Who is this woman? “Yes, I’m just doing some weeding.”
Lady: “You know if you get a handle on the weeds all you have to do is spray once a week to keep it up.”
Me: Why didn’t I think of that? “That’s my plan.” I smiled.
Lady: “I was driving around looking for some garage sales.”
Me: Trying to be polite, I say, “I don’t think there are any around here today.” So lady why are you speaking to me?
Lady: “Well good luck.”
Me: “Thank you.”

So I take a break and have some coffee with my husband. I relay this unusual tale. He asked if I was sure I didn’t know her. I assured him that I didn’t. He then asked, “Do you think she was angel?” You see I always said he was the nice one in the relationship and that statement proves it. He thought that maybe God sent an angel to remind of weeds in life. I thought the lady was a nut job. He was so sweet, but I still mocked him for his statement, hence solidifying that he is the nice one in the relationship.

I went outside and continued pruning a bush that was out of control and hiding other plants around it. Two large bags of garbage later I preceded to the backyard. My backyard has no grass but has weeds that have delusions of being grass because they cover the whole yard. I bought one of those weed killers that you attach to a water hose to spray. I started on one end and made my way to the other side of the yard. I realized that I was knee deep in weeds in some areas. I was feeling frustrated with myself for letting it get so bad.

I was spraying at the other end when I saw a rainbow in the water stream. It was only in one certain spot. I stood in one spot, turned around with the hose and the rainbow made a circle about me. The rainbow was only in that certain spot. I stood in the yard and cried. I realized how much God loved me. No matter how many weeds surrounded me when I went to the other side (of the yard) a rainbow awaited me. God usually uses rainbows as a sign for covenant and His promise. It was His promise to me that everything was going to be okay. I thanked Him for this little sign that bought me hope.

To all of your moms out day I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. May God shine a rainbow around you to bring you hope and joy for the future.

© Nadine Z. 2007


5KidMom said...

Thanks for sharing your rainbow. may you have a blessed Mother's Day as well. 8^)

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! That was just beautiful!!!
Thanks for sharing this!
Blessings to you and have a very Blessed mothers day!
love you!

Louise said...

Thanks for sharing that....such good insight as usual!!!
Hope you have a great day filled with love, laughter and a little(or a lot) of pampering!! :)

Ashley said...

The rainbow part is beautiful! The lady told you your butt was sticking in the air LOL! Some people are tooblunt for their own good. I meant that I link you, you link me. If that's all right.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

What a beautiful post...thanks for sharing!

yours truly B said...

thank you for shareing your rainbow it seems that you are a rainbow for others and you do it nicely Happy mothers day

Jill Norwood said...

And Happy Mother's Day to you.

(Honestly, I was thinking the lady is a bit of a nut job, too).


Joy said...

How precious... Bless you. :)

Lala's world said...

wow great picture! hope you had a terrific Mother's day as well!

Cherrye said...

How beautiful! I also think rainbows are a sign that everything will be ok, too. I had a friend send me a card once and she wrote, "I saw a rainbow today and I thought of you." I think that might be the best compliment I have ever had!

Art said...

Nice reminder of God's love for us. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Tom Zawacki said...

I confess... I like watching your butt too!


(grin, grin)


Elle*Bee said...

Were it not for weeks, I wouldn't have a back lawn. And while I don't want them in my flower beds, they're welcome elsewhere in our yard. Son #3 and I especially like looking for 4-leaf clovers - not because they're lucky, but because it's nice to find something special amidst the seemingly ordinary.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Shionge said...

Not only an Angel visited you Nadine but I think Tom is really an 'Angel' too by your side giving you a different perspective.

To me, you are my Angel giving me strength & inspiration even though you might be half a globe away :D

Hope you have a great Mother's Day too.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing about your rainbow. My husband is also the nice one.

Cheri said...

I can relate to those never ending weeds that want...and do take over the lawn.
Thanks for stopping by.

Kelly Parra said...

Nadine, that was beautiful! :) :)

Erin said...

I needed a rainbow today! Thank you for sharing yours. What a beautiful post.

Dedee said...

Nadine, you are awesome. I love those moments when God reminds us that we are not alone and that he loves us. I had one today reading my son a book. Have a happy day.

I did the four things meme if you want to stop by!

Daughter Awaken! said...

How fabulous was that? Thank you for sharing, and don't worry: God is so good, He helps with the weeds....when we ask!!


cheeky said...

I am in a study of Genesis now and we had a very interesting conversation about rainbows.
I loved this story.
I can remember vividly seeing rainbows and when they have appeared.
God is so good.
What you speak of is the true meaning and symbol of the rainbow.