Thursday, July 19, 2007

Practicing What You Preach

This year I’ve gotten so many opportunities to teach and even to preach on a Sunday. It’s been over two years since I taught. I was trying to be obedient to the Lord and a gentle pull toward teaching again. I have enjoyed myself more than I have imagined I would.

An interesting dynamic I’ve found was when I was speaking on a subject, I received ample opportunity to practice what I preached. When I spoke on forgiveness, I found that I had many an opportunity to keep short accounts and forgive. I found myself repeatedly getting upset with people. When I realized what was happening it made it easier.

Last weekend I spoke on spiritual listening. Listening values others and expresses to them what they have to say matters. It’s important to listen especially when someone may have trouble expressing themselves clearly. At work I was tested in that area. Part of my job is to call new patients that are being referred by other offices for appointments. I called this gentleman who had trouble hearing. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Good afternoon sir. I’m calling from Dr. C’s office. Your doctor wanted me to call you for an appointment.”

Man: “What kind of doctor is he?”

Me: “He is a neurologist.”

Man: “An urologist.”

Me: “No, a neurologist.”

Man: “An urologist.”

Me: “A neurologist.” (Now I’m trying to speak as loud and gently as I could. The ladies I work with are laughing their butts off which didn’t help the situation.)

Man: “An urologist.”

Me: “Sir is there someone there I can speak to that might hear me better?”

Man: Yeah, speak to my wife. (As he hands her the phone I hear him say, “Honey it’s some gal from the urologist office calling to make an appointment.”)

My husband spoke last Sunday about relationships and the difference between a man and a boy. Check here to read part of what he spoke about it was excellent. He also read from a small section from Dr. Willard Harley’s book, His Needs/Her Needs. He talked about the five basic needs of a man and the five basic needs of a woman in a relationship. You could hear a pin drop. Many folks went home and put into action what they heard. I have to tell you, so did Tom. Starting with Sunday, he showed me how much he loved me everyday. We had such a busy weekend with the class that I was part of and I was tired. After some running around, he rubbed my back and just loved on me. Monday he came by my job and went to lunch with me. Tuesday he cooked me a really nice dinner. Wednesday we had some folks over for dinner and I walked in and noticed first chocolates (my favorite kind) and then the wonderful red roses you see pictured above. The man put into practice what he preached this week. I’m blessed to married to such a man who is not afraid to express his love for me.

So what are you preaching on?

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Karolee said...

I have had the opportunity to fill the pulpit in our former church and I agree, God does give you opportunities to practice what you preach. I believe he gives you those opportunities so the congregation has a living example of what you were preaching/teaching about.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

His Needs / Her Needs on my bookshelf for years and re-read bits and pieces of it often. This post is a good reminder for me to stop and realize how many little, loving things my husband does for me. And to remind me that I could do a little more for him. The flowers are lovely, by the way.

Diane said...

Now that's what I call authentic living!

You hit a chord when you suggest (and I know it's true) that we are teaching....often is a lesson for ourself!

This week, I am writing about living in God's hope as I find myself only being able to breathe, to function, to live victoriously because of the Hope we have in Him. We will not let the enemy destroy us--for greater is He that is in me...than He that is in the world. Just because we face trials does not mean that the battle is over. We live in the world but are overcomers because of His love, His promise, His care....simply because of Him!

Great post! Enjoy the lovin! Those roses are beautiful.


Damselfly said...

Sometimes that's a hard thing to do, to practice what you preach....

Whenever I see someone who appears *not* to be doing that (someone others might call a hypocrite), I try to tell myself that person is just trying to warn others away from a dangerous behavior that he or she can't control in himself or herself. Who knows? Just giving the benefit of the doubt....

Tom Zawacki said...

You make it fun to practice!

I love you,

Penless Thoughts said...

Those test come, I believe, because God wants to see is we Walk the Walk or just Talk the Talk.

Art said...

They say you can't teach without learning. I believe that.

Jen(n) said...

love the flowers!!!

Dedee said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. As I teach at least once a month, I need to remember that the lessons are as much for me as my "girls".

My next lesson is on service. I wonder who I need to serve in this next little while?

Happy days to you!

Keshi said...

**I’m blessed to married to such a man who is not afraid to express his love for me.

how sweet!

I often practice what I preach :) Well I TRY to hehe.


A Woman Who is: said...

Tom's sermon was great! So blessed, to be blessed by such a great pastor, you guys make a dynamic duo!

Rosemarie said...

God is purposeful in every gift, even those we think are for someone else. If we have an ear to hear what the spirit is expressing, we can snatch a portion or the entire message and apply it personally. No one is exempt to the Word or the message, not even the preacher who's the messenger.

Abundant blessings on your marriage and ministry.

Growing with Julia

palmtreefanatic said...

Beautiful post Nadine and inspirational as always!
I believe we get tests from God often, And then live them out;)

Shadraq said...

I'm preaching on loving the Seahawks.

Shionge said...

I feel so much love exuding from your blog and you & Tom certainly set all of us thinking and appreciating our partners.

I know little things matter in a relationship :D Nice pretty roses Nadine!

Demara said...

Oh that is so sweet Nadine! I got that book "His Needs Her Needs" from a bridal shower of mine 3 years ago and haven't read it yet. Perhaps I should. I hate reading stuff like that though w/o my husband reading it too...b/c then we BOTH can't put the stuff into practice you know???

EMAM said...

Made me ponder what things I might be directly having to practice due to inadvertant preaching...

KAYLEE said...

Great post but I cant really answer that:)

Sandy said...

I'm preaching on (and trying to live it out) how to encourage women in the art of hospitality. I think the church and books have given it a bad rap. I'm here to bring it back!
Great post! Great guy (I'm married to one, too).
4 Reluctant Entertainers

Alyson & Ford said...

Patience, Forgiveness and lots of Love! Yep, we need to practice what is the right things to do, setting the example for others, so they will know that we try to live the life we speak about. You never know who is watching and listening! Thanks for the great post.

LID 01/27/06

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Great post Nadine. I have to say that this is an area that I have to work on daily. It is hard to keep my selfish ambitions out of reach sometimes. "I'll do this if you do that." is my thought pattern. I have to learn that sacrifice doesn't require a return of favors.....something for me to think about this week.....thanks