Monday, June 23, 2008


There is change happening all around me. I’m not a big fan of change, but it happens whether I want it to or not. I’m learning to handle it better. I have no choice. If any of these events were isolated it might be easier to handle – okay, if I’m honest maybe not. All of these changes are good things, but my head is spinning just the same.

This past weekend was the wedding of a young couple from our church. She is the same age I was when I got married, but I don’t remember being that young. She took my breath away. She looked stunning and he was very handsome. Her parents are good friends as well as the associate pastors of the church. When we first arrived here seven years ago she was only twelve years old and now she’s a married lady.

Tom’s secretary is leaving next Sunday for six months to join Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Switzerland. Another young lady from our church is already in Perth, Australia at another YWAM base. One of the young worship team members is leaving for California to attend to college in the fall.

If that is not enough change the Music Pastor/elder and his lovely family leave in three weeks for a great job opportunity in South Carolina. Another former elder and his family are already living there (they moved away in March). I love them and their kids are my pretend grandchildren.

All these people mean the world to me. These are wonderful, exciting transitions in their lives. Tom preached today about changes and managing transition well. It was a timely message. Here are some highlights. There are five stages to grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Handling change can be akin to what we experience when handling grief. It’s okay to go through these stages, but we mustn’t stay in any of them too long. It’s not healthy for us. In the end it’s about them and not about us.

Change is not a dirty word. It’s part of life. Tom always says to hold on tight to people with an open hand. As much as I will miss those who are leaving, I know in my heart these are good, Godly things happening in their lives. I love them and because of that I let them go with blessings.

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Keshi said...

Change is GOOOOOD! Cos who wants to be stagnant in life ha?

but some ppl r so afraid of Change. Sometimes me too...I like being in my comfort zone. o well, eventually I do get out of it too :)

Good on ya Nadine, and all the best too!


linda said...

Letting close ones go is not an easy task...but yes, a little easier when you know in your heart that they are moving away in order to fulfill God's direction and plan for their lives.

I'll remember you in prayer during this transition time for them and for YOU.

Demara said...

I LOVE change!

Shionge said...

I suppose we have to embrace change in every aspect of our lives Nadine.

People come and people go so we must always treasure the time we have with them too :D

Jacki said...

Amen and Amen. I personally like change, because life gets boring otherwise. But I don't like losing friends and family...those changes I could do without.

Scarlet said...

I remember hearing a quote once about a person...let's call her Susie. It went something like this: "You can't ever count on Susie, but you can count on her being Susie." In other words, you can't predict what's going to happen in life, but you can predict that life will be unpredictable. (Forgive me if I'm making no sense...there's a message in here somewhere, if you think about it.)

I'm sorry these folks are going away. I know it's tough saying goodbye to special people. I hope more good people come into your life and stay a while.

Jen(n) said...

If you keep sowing all these amazing young people... just think about what your going to reap!!!

david santos said...

Good change.
Happy day

Melanie said...

Nadine, I know it is so hard to let go friends that are moving away. I'll be praying for you as you learn to let go and move forward thru this transition phase.

Happy Monday!

chelle said...

"my pretend grandchildren. "

Love that!
I need some pretend grandparents!! Since mine are so far away!

Change is so hard, but it often brings amazing things too!

palmtreefanatic said...

I have to say, sometimes changes feel unbearable but I guess its a good thing! We need to adapt ourselves to them no matter what, Its called life;) So true, thanks Nadine!

A Woman Who is: said...

Demara's comment hit me...I use to love change...what happened? I guess age. Life does seem to be whizzing by me these days...ahhh sigh.

Change is good when the hand of God is upon it….that’s what I’m saying :]

Strider said...

God never seems to let us become comfortable does he? It's all good though, it keeps our eyes on Him more than ourselves. Good post.

Lala's world said...

I have been to YWAM! it was so great!
great timing to read this right now!

CC said...

Change is hard for me. Right now at least. We moved to the NW from the East coast to be near my husband's sister and her family. In 6 weeks they are moving back to the east coast to pursue a full-time ministry opportunity. Great for them. We know it is awesome and God's calling. Awful for us. We will no longer have family in this state. Our closest family will be a 12 hour drive away. :( Change is hard.

Toby Parsons said...

And I'm so thankful that God is 'unchanging.' He is faithful and the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Praises all around!!! :) So, in the midst of change and / or hard times, I always feel so calm with Him.

Love & prayers!!! :)

Madison Richards said...

(heavy sigh)

Change is good. It's a sure thing. The depth of our grief is a good indicator of the depth of relationship. We must be in deep!!

Tammy said...

Nadine, I also have a hard time with change most of the time!
Oh, sometimes I crave a change- like seeing a new place on vacation or doing something different with the house- but mostly I don't like it at all!
And I especially am not crazy about the changes that take place in these now middle years! I want my body to stay 25 like I am in my mind! ;)

But I know that sometimes change is actually a good thing. And sometimes where God takes us is even better than where we were before!

Elle*Bee said...

Good post. I'm generally pretty good with change, but I rarely initiate it.

jennifer said...

You know, I needed this today. I'm not glad that you are having to deal with change, but it is comforting knowing that someone understands. I would love to have heard your husband's message. I think his words could have ministered to me and where I am at in life right now.

Thanks for sharing Nadine. You are a blessing to me.


the160acrewoods said...

change... bahhhhh hum bug! lol

Damselfly said...

Many people from our church are moving on, too, or already have moved. It's a little unsettling, but a chance to grow.

Dawn said...

Change can be painful and it can be wonderful. A big change in 3 days for me - hope it's as great as I anticipate!

Knitting Mania said...

Welocme to my world, I've been in change for 2 1/2 years now and more change to come....sigh

Your post was right on Nadine. Change is very exciting, getting out of the box is abit scary, but oh so thrilling when you know the Lord is the one pulling you out!

Thanks for stopping by today! We are loving our new home...God is good!