Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stain Remover

I bought a stain remover recently that promised to remove the “toughest of stains.” It really wasn’t any different than any other product I’ve tried. It removed some stains but not others. I often find if I need to remove stains from laundry that I’m using three different products to get the job done.

Sometimes no matter what you do there are always some stains that don’t go away. They may fade but don’t disappear.

Tom and I was driving pass a church the other day and the following was on their bulletin board: God removes the stains that others leave behind.

I thought to myself – wow, that’s so true. When He comes along He removes the hurts, the pains, the heartbreak, etc. that other people inflict on us. Tom preached last Sunday about God giving out new hearts to replace the broken hearted ones, the divided ones, the harden ones and the dirty ones. It was a great message followed by a powerful time of ministry.

I know for myself that when my heart breaks, I tend to harden my heart. I put up walls to protect myself from future hurt. I distance myself from the person emotionally and sometimes physically. I look at others with suspicion. Trust is not given easily. If I’m not careful, I isolate myself from everyone. God doesn’t want me to operate that way. He wants to remove the stains and heal the hurt. Sometimes He just gives a whole new heart that doesn’t even recall the hurt that was once there.

© Nadine Z. 2008


CC said...

I like that analogy!

Kate said...

I toss things with stains...glad the Lord is not like me...lol.
I'm the same way though...it's so easy to hang onto hurt, but my bounce back time is getting better and better.
Great post.
ps...thanks for the compliment, you're so sweet.

Tom Zawacki said...

"God removes the stains that others leave behind."

Amen to that!


Shionge said...

With my faith I always looked beyond the stains others leave behind for me. Great post Nadine :D

A Woman Who is: said...

...nothing but the blood of Jesus!

Demara said...

Yes God is the ultimate Stain remover. We only need HIM! No other products required. :)

PinksandBluesGirls said...

What a beautiful post. Sometimes it is so easy to overlook this... and I thank you for reiterating the message. Beautiful.

palmtreefanatic said...

preach it girl! You are so right on!
Great post!

Jan said...

That is beautiful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

okay i loved this Nadine.. i like the whole replacement lol... thanks for your wisdom!

Kellan said...

Nice message!

Have a good day - Kellan

Knitting Mania said...

Nadine, so true my friend....great word today. I find myself doing the same thing, building those walls and avoiding...not good I know.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for blessing my heart with your comments today, even though we've only met once, I feel a connection with you my sister, maybe it's because I'm Cindy's sister and we both come from back east, I don't know why, hmmmm could it just be because we both serve a powerful mighty God together. ;)

Scarlet said...

You're right. I wrote about the negative experiences I've had with churches (sort of venting w/ a point), but I have to be careful not to be judgmental myself. There's a fine line there. No one's perfect.

Strider said...

Great thought, great post.

jennifer said...

I am so thankful that He sees the Righteousness of Christ and not my sin stained filthy rags when He looks at me. Praise God that I am washed in the Blood and my garments are spotless.

It is humbling Nadine.

Be blessed.


chelle said...

So often your posts hit my square in the face ... hard.
Thanks for the reminder to trust God.

Louise said...

That is so true...love it!

Dawn said...

Another great devotional - I think you should put all of these in a book!

Lala's world said...


Tammy said...

This was so beautiful...and so very true, Nadine!

It's All Good! said...

The harder part, I think, IS the 'stains others leave behind' because it wasn't deserved. Thank God for his forgiveness...that's what I keep having to remind myself when the 'stainers' make it hard for me to forgive!
Pesky stains anyway!
Great thoughts!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Brenda :)