Saturday, November 01, 2008

Meeting Diane IRL

I’ve read many a blog where blog friends got to meet. I would think to myself, “How cool is that?” The funny thing that happens when you read blogs is that you start to get know someone. You comment on their blogs and have dialogue. You start to care about what’s going on their lives and their family. Blog friends are special, but what happens when you meet one in real life (IRL)?

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting one yesterday, Diane from Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals. It’s been about two years since we first “met” in cyberspace. It was (as Diane put it) meeting an “old” friend for the first time. We met at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas. It is a beautiful resort hotel.

We talked and shared life. It was great and felt so natural. She was as lovely a person as she appeared to be on her blog. Her heart for her family, God and His people was very apparent in our conversation. She started a new business venture and I think it’s wonderful that she’ll able to pursue her dreams. She’s a very intelligent lady that speaks with grace and humility.

I’m so glad we met for lunch. If you ever get a chance to meet a blog friend in person, do it. I hope that she is the first of many that I get to meet.

Here are some pictures from the hotel. It’s quite lovely as you can tell from the shot taken from the outside.

Here’s a picture of Diane in front of a longhorn.

Look at the pretty palm trees. (Tina, I took this just for you.)

I loved this train village.

We were entertained by this magician. He was very good.

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Madison Richards said...

I'm glad you're my "blog friend" and my friend IRL!! You are a wonderful blogger and a wonderful friend. Your care for others is apparent in every word you write!

Be blessed, my friend!

Tammy said...

Oh, how fun! I am still where you were...thinking, how cool would that be! Hopefully one day soon...
So glad you two got to meet! :)

palmtreefanatic said...

I love magicians they are so fascinating! that palm tree photo is just amazing! thank you!!!!!!
I love the photo of you as well! and meeting a blog friend oh wow!!!! Double and tripple wow! Sounds like so much fun and love all the warm photos! Thanks for sharing!;)

Elle*Bee said...

Isn't it fun? I met a cyber-friend in real life this past week. She's not a blog friend, but rather one I met because we both sell jewelry on Etsy and joined the Louisiana Etsy team.

I "know" her through chats and message boards. We've met once as part of our Etsy team meet & greet, but then got together later in the week to shop.

In our case it's funny that it took an online sales venue to meet and get to know someone that lives 4 miles away.

chelle said...

How exciting!!! I am glad you had such a wonderful day!

It's All Good! said...

It is so fun meeting IRL! Glad you were able to. Hope you're getting settled there.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Scarlet said...

I feel the joy with you. I would love to meet blogger friends, and hopefully that will happen in early Dec. and the Spring of 2009.

Great pictures!! It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Ann(ie) said...

YAY!! Is that not a cool experience? I've had the pleasure of meeting a few, too and now they are real life pals that I treasure!!! Next time you're in Seattle please be lookin me up! xo.

linda said...

How fun for you and Diane! I've met 2 blogging buddies in real life and now consider them such dear friends. I had some anticipation and was nervous at first but it didn't last long at all. Everyone should step outside the box and meet a fellow blogger. They won't regret it!

Reva said...

What fun! My sister, Brenda met one of her blogging friends recently and plans on getting together with another one maybe this next year. I have yet to do that but it sounds like a great idea.
I am still interested in reading your full book when it comes out and I am still very interested in sending you a part of my book in progress soon. This summer I have spent with family and being outdoors as much as possible, but we have a long cold winter here so I'll have plenty of time to get back to it. Thank you for being willing.

God's Girl said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I enjoyed reading your post. How neat that you got to meet a blogger friend!

I pray that you have a wonderful Sunday!


Debz said...

So glad you got to meet her.
Bloggy friends are awesome.
Love the pictures, beautiful place.

Steph said...

Nadine, it sounds like so much fun! I can relate--there are some really neat blog friends who I would love to meet--you are one of them!

Maybe some day when I visit in Austin again we can connect?


Jillian, Inc said...

Fun! Meeting bloggers IRL has been a wonderful experience for me, too. Glad you two got to meet!

a woman who is said...

I am so glad you had such a nice visit with a friend.

Beautiful place!

Louise said...

How cool is that!!
Sounds like a lot of fun ;)

Jacki said...

I have often wondered what it would be like to meet a bloggy friend in real life. How exciting!

Art said...

Nice photos. I've only met a handful of bloggers in real life but it's always a great experience.

Diane said...


I couldn't believe that we were actually going to meet! All the while we were together for lunch at The Gaylord, I couldn't believe I was sitting across from you. Now that I'm back home --it still is so surreal that I was able to meet "an old friend for the very first time!"

And what a joy it truly was to meet you IRL. After feeling like I knew your heart for so long--it was GOOD to meet face to face!

Hope you are feeling o.k....I am stunned that you had a car crash on the way home, but so thankful that it was something you could drive away from.

Are you stiff? Does your neck still hurt?

Still praying that NOTHING will come of this crash--both physically and financially!

Can't wait to SEE you again!



Penless Thoughts said...

Isn't it such fun?!!! I've never been disappointed and hope to meet many more of you some day.

jennifer said...

It was SO much fun meeting a blog bud in person. I want to meet more! Glad that it was a positive experience for you.

Demara said...

Haha that is so fun Nadine! and those palm trees are beautiful~