Friday, June 19, 2009

iphone 3GS

This morning I was up at 5 am. Why so early? The idea was to leave by six and be one of the first people online for the iphone. I got up and made coffee for Tom and I. We ate cereal and we were ready to start our day.

Tom started the car . . . click, click, click. That can’t be good. He tried again . . . click, click, click. Hmmmm. Wait! Was that smoke coming from under the hood! Yikes! I saw Tom trying to blow flames out with his mouth and I knew this wasn’t good. (It’s okay to laugh at that visual, its funny now.) I went and got some water, but the water took its sweet time coming out of the faucet. Tom put out the fire. Poor guy has been waiting for the new iphone for so long. When we left WA in October the church gave us a parting gift for two new iphones. Tom waited because of the rumors of a new one on the horizon.

What to do?

Logic states we need a car and not just to get our new phones. Enterprise came to pick us up so we can rent a car for the weekend. Hey when your car goes on fire, it’s usually not a good sign that you will have a vehicle for the weekend. I called the mechanic and a tow truck. The car is in his hands now. Hopefully this will end well.

After picking up our rental we were on our way. Would it be that easy? No . . . why? Because we hit one of the biggest potholes I’ve seen. There was a car in front of us and we didn’t see it until we ran right over it. It cracked the hubcap. When renting a car I never, ever take the extra insurance. We have good car insurance and that usually covers your rental. I never had a problem with a rental car but somehow I knew this morning that it would be a good idea for the weekend to take the extra insurance. Good thing too because Enterprise will take of it and they gave us a new car to drive around. Thank you God for speaking to me.

iphone anyone?

We make it to the Apple store and the line wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. We had preordered the phones and our names were on a list. So now we have our phones – sweet! Tom has a blue cover and I got the red one. So now I’m off to play with my new phone.

If anyone out there has an iphone and has a favorite app or two, please let me know what it is and why you love it.

© Nadine Zawacki 2009


Chappyswife said...

What a story, Nadine! I am glad that you got your iphones and that all seems to be well. Your attitude is an inspiration, too.

Enjoy and happy weekend to you and Tom!!! :0)

Smooth Sailing said...

Hi Nadine...great story!
Look up "appsniper"'s only 99 cents. Check it everyday. It searches for the cool apps that are on sale (in my case FREE) for say..24hrs. I think this is the only app I have ever purchased. :)

Welcome to the MAC world. Now for a new IMAC!

Susan said...

Some days are like that, once in awhile, aren't they. Glad you still got the new, very pretty colored phones.

chelle said...

wow! Glad it all worked out :) I have iphone envy! Hope the car is fixed in no time with little expense!

Dawn said...

I really do not like my phone, and these are so pretty! Maybe someday. I'm glad the car situation wasn't worse than it was - and I never take insurance on a rental either. Good thing you did!

Bex said...

oh sweet iphone. what divine intervention to get the extra insurance this time!

we have an itouch but we use apps for the 4 year old like spongebob - but they are cool!

Dawn said...

Wow - what an eventful day - good and not so good! Glad it all worked out okay, though, and that you and Tom are safe and sound - and enjoying your new toys.


Brenda said...

Yikes! You're right, fire is not good!
Glad your day ended well and hope there's not too much damage done to your car.
ot - presently I'm enjoying this really great book by this certain author/blogger I know! ;) Can't wait to get my hiney in bed to finish it tonight.
God bless.

raeoflight said...

Oh Nadine, what a morning. Thank goodness everything turned out well after all. I have to say I laughed out loud once I got to the pot hole portion of your story!
I love you guys!

Toby Parsons said...

Hi Nadine,

Don't you just love those kinds of days? :) We all have them, we all survive, praise God.

The fire thing could have been so much worse. Looks like God intervened twice, helping Tom put out the fire and giving you the wisdom to purchase the insurance. :)

KarenW said...

Sorry for all of your trouble. Congratulations on the new phones. They look like fun.

Jourdan said...

Wow, congratulations on the new iPhones!! I bet my parents wish they could have gotten them too...but alas, we have to switch to Verizon. Dang AT&T service doesn't work in the desert :) So now their iPhones can only be used for the apps. Sad. You are lucky you didn't move to Phoenix!!

Love you and miss you guys,

Scarlet said...

Wow, what a morning! Luckily, you were able to get your iphones. I'd probably choose a red cover as's bright and cheerful!

Have fun playing with your phones and wish Tom a Happy Father's Day for me!!

Kate said...

You know, last week I saw two cars (different times of course), one on fire and the other charred on the highway...what's up with that? Glad it all worked out for you!
Cute new iphones!

iphone insurance said...

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Shionge said...

A long road to get the iphone ;)

Christina said...

What a day. I am hopeful you can get the car fixed. Maybe it was something electrical and since you put the fire out so fast it will be able to be repaired.

Cool phones. My friend has one and loves it. Let me know how you like yours. They sure have nice skin colors.

I'm praying the rest of your day goes better.