Saturday, July 11, 2009

Everyone Loves Raymond

Have you ever watched the TV show, Everyone Loves Raymond? It’s hilarious. Tom and I have been watching the show in the afternoons. Tom is not a big comedy guy so he never watched it before. I would have it on while I cooked and laugh out loud and thus pulled him into my comedy net.

One of the funny aspects of the show is Raymond himself. He usually does stupid man things every episode. This makes Tom look very good. The other day he pushed his wife too far and she said, “Do you know how close you are to death right now?” If you want to know how to be a good in-law or spouse watch this show and do the opposite of what you see.

As hard as it is to believe sometimes Tom pulls a “Raymond.” For instance today I bumped my head really hard on the refrigerator. He asked if I was okay and I replied, “Yes, but it hurts.” His response, “Is the refrigerator okay?” Yes, he was being funny.

I love my husband. I think Tom is the best man God could have ever given me to be my best friend and the father to my children. He’s a good man and I love him to pieces. I think he’s handsome and just looking at him makes me smile.

I love you honey even when you pull a “Raymond.”

© Nadine Zawacki 2009


Tom Zawacki said...

Hey Babe:

I'll be a Raymond to your Deborah any day!

Love you!

Madison Richards said...

You mean Tom's not perfect? NO...WAY!!! (Haha just kidding)

It's a strange cultural phenomenon, but as a family we've noticed that there are some shows we all watch together that just bond us tighter and give us lots of good fodder for inside jokes!

I'll have to catch an episode of Raymond and see what you mean!!

chelle said...

hehe I think all husbands have their Raymond moments :)

JEWELIA said...

awwww aint that sweet, love is a wonderful thing..

Jillian, Inc said...

Love that show! Wonderful comedy and acting.

Dawn said...

I never watched it when it was new, but have watched a few in re-runs. I feel sorry for the henpecked guy!

jennifer said...

We have the show on DVD! Our family loves Rayomd.

And yes, he makes my husband look awfully good.

Brenda said...

Yes, I love the show. My daughter got me a set of Raymond dvd's for christmas a couple of years ago.
I could do without the dad's potty mouth at times, but all in all...
Anyhow, many episodes have brought me to tears laughing so hard!
btw, you never did say how the fridge was!

Shionge said...

That keeps the spark going ;D

Jacki said...

Oh yes, I agree with chelle. :-) Am I right in thinking that Tom posts all the lovey-dovey messages here to make up for those moments? :-)

Christina said...

I love that show and I think it's great that sometimes your hubby pulls a Raymond, their is nothing as awesome as having a guy with a great sense of humor. My hubby is the same way. We are blessed girls.