Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things of Youth

Tom and I were driving around when I noticed the block to my right was closed off for a block party. I couldn’t help but think back to block parties of my youth. It was loads of fun. I loved that they closed off the block and we were allowed to play in the street. It started in the morning and didn’t end until late evening. Everyone would make food and decorate tables in front of their homes. Neighbors would come by to eat and visit. Everyone would chip in to hire carnival rides that arrived on trucks. They would park on the street and we would take turns riding them over and over. Music played at night and we danced in the street. It was a fun time that I look back on fondly. Things of our youth do that sometimes.

At least once a day I’m reminded of another fond memory of my youth – the ice cream truck. There were two different types that would come around: Mr. Softee and The Good Humor Man. I loved both. Every time I hear that familiar song being played a smile would grace my face and a memory of me running to stop the truck would flash before my eyes. It wasn’t very hard to catch the truck because the ice cream man took his time coming the down the street.

One of the most popular blog posts I wrote and get “googled” all the time was a post about my ankle bracelet. You can read about here. I would get anonymous comments from ladies searching for a piece of their youth. Some regret having given up that sentimental part of their past. I was blessed I didn’t get rid of mine and still wear it from time to time because Tom gave it to me. For those who grew up in Brooklyn in the late 70’s and are interested in this blast from the past, you can find one HERE.

Fond memories of my youth bring a smile to my face. It was sometimes triggered by a smell, a sound or a sight, but the result was always the same – a smile.

What are some of the things of youth you remember with fondness?

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Thank You

Two awards were given during my dry spell in blogland and I want to thank two lovely ladies for honoring me.

Tina, Palm Tree Fanatic – gave me this award for anyone who likes to smile and/or laugh, and just generally spread that along in the blogging world.Yvonne, Blue Seehorse – gave me this award for being a queen in the area of writing.

Thank you ladies for your kindness.


Cindy Campbell said...

OK, when I think of my youth, I remember playing frisbee in the street in our Pajamas with my Dad. We had been at the beach all day and had to bathe as soon as we got home and put on Pajamas. And sometimes around 7:30 after dinner, Dad would say,"Wanna play frisbee?" And the 3 of us would go outside and try to throw one to Dad. It was a strange and wonderful time. Thanks- you just sparked my memory of this great time!

Tom Zawacki said...

and 30+ years later I still glad I gave it to you!!


Italian Bird said...


Susan said...

Didn't have the ice cream trucks when I was growing up but I remember them well from my childrens young years. One of my memories is the carnival coming to town once a year and setting up at the outskirts of town. I also remember the charm bracelets. I have many happy childhood memories. Such a carefree time that I'm afraid the kids today have been deprived of.

palmtreefanatic said...

memories memories
I always heard the ice cream truck when visitng my grandparents, I never gotten anything off it though i always thought it was neat!

The older we get the more we appreciate those wonderful things!

You are wonderful Nadine! I really missed you! glad your back to blogland;)

Brenda said...

Hello Nadine,
Being back in CO, 1 hour from my hometown has brought back a flood of memories. Just last week my sis and I drove by the houses we lived in before we became sisters. (Her dad married my mom) We hold such dear memories of childhood. We both share a love for thrifting and antiqueing, so that always brings back some memory or another--a doll or game etc.
It's a good life!
God bless.

Dawn said...

So so many! The ice cream truck isn't in my memory, but definitely when the kids were little - but now everything is at least $3.00! My grands like it now.

The mourning doves in the morning and evening take me to my grandma's.

Certain songs in church take me back to certain times in my life (yes, we still sing songs that old!)

I need to do a post on this subject and start writing things down. I have such great memories of my youth.

Dawn said...

Re your comment today - that is exactly what I thought about the way they operated at the Social Security office. I want to write somebody!

Amydeanne said...

oh i'm still in my youth *snicker* lol.. hmmm i have my cabbage patch kid lol and a few other dolls that i hope to pass on to my girls that I played with when i was young... ahhh the ice cream man.. ours drove a bike and rang a bell.. used to love that!

Bex said...

i didn't grow up in the city i live in - but in 'these here parts,' ice cream trucks sell "raspas", play christmas music all year long and the actual truck is any large vehicle they get a hold of and then plaster it with hand made signs on poster board. i love them! i love that they are not commercialized and these are all regular people, like me, trying to help their families. so whenever we hear them coming down the street, we run to fetch our flip flops (bc who wants 2nd degree burns on the bottoms of their feet) and dash out the door. we even have, "ice cream truck money" in a cup by the door! we have to, they drive 20 miles per hour, so its hard to catch them!

a woman who is said...

Oh we had those ice cream trucks too when I was living in N.J. in junior high. What I remember most was the cute ice cream truck driver who would give me free ice

After having spent 10 days with my cousins from the East Coast this last week, my childhood memories have come flooding back. Good times.

What really does it for me though is the smell of rain. Living now in a semi arid region, one whiff of the scent of rain and there I am in the middle of a wonderfully glorious thunderstorm in New England...the days of my youth :) Thanks for this post it was fun to remember when...

Demara said...

I remember a ton of things from my youth, but never a block party...that DOES sound like a very fond memory indeed. Wish we had them in Canada...I can't believe it! Out of the blue, you just popped up in my Reader's haven't popped up there in a sorry I haven't been around...have you been posting? I'll have to check!

Michelle said...

Lovely post!

It made me remember so much...