Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The dictionary defines the word inspiration as: a divine influence; action on a person believed to qualify him/her to receive and communicate sacred revelation; the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions or the act of influencing or suggesting opinion.

I’ve not been inspired in a while to write any blog posts. Why? I don’t know.

On my fan page on Facebook, I’ve been inspired daily. But those were little bursts of inspiration. Playing writing games have been lots of fun for me and those who participate.

Sometimes, I just need to slow down enough in order to put aside all the distractions so I can be inspired. I find when I stop to listen to what God has to say, I’m inspired. I get ideas and I’m able to express them in writing. Help me Lord to be more focused. My goal is to set time aside to be inspired.

So what inspires you?

© Nadine Zawacki 2009


Susan said...

What inspires me is just watching and witnessing what God is doing in my life and the lives of those around me, and in the Church.

I don't do Facebook myself but from what I hear about it kinds of strikes me as a microwave instant meal compared to a good home cooked meal.

We are such an "instant" gratification society and it seems to bet more and more so by the day. Do you agree!

You bless us with your inspiration!!!

Dawn said...

I agree with Susan, even though I do enjoy the interaction with friends in that venue. But it's kinda like Cliff's notes instead of the novel. I miss so many people who used to write so much and so beautifully. But I'm having trouble with inspiration lately as well.

Thanks for writing today~

jennifer said...

I am inspired by the little things Nadine.

Yesterday, I took my children to a beach that is relatively deserted. I found myself repeatedly thanking God for the beauty of the moment. Our time together was really special in a quiet way. There was nothing about the day that was miraculous and yet we were surrounded by miracles... the ocean, the sky, the perfect weather, the treasures on the beach, our laughter... all of that was lovingly created by God, who spoke the world into being!

But do you know what happens to me and these inspirations? I find that I have a hard time doing them justice when I write and I will keep them close to me instead of sharing them on my blog. That's sort of weird I guess.

This was a thought provoking post.

Jacki said...

I am with you...I find that if I get too caught up in Facebook and other little things, I get away from what really inspires me. I haven't tried out a new recipe in a while, and I miss that.