Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You’re All My Favorites

A member of our church gave me this sweet book, You’re All My Favorites. Why would she give me a children’s story?

It all started with a picture I took with one of the girls at our Ice Cream Social. It was put on Facebook with a bunch of other photos taken that night. She took the photo and created one that said, “Nadine’s Favorite.”

You can imagine it did not sit well with one of the other teen girls. What happened next was a back and forth that turned out to be hilarious. It was all in fun, but I went on record that my love for them was the same.

We love people in different ways because there are different types of love. A love for a parent or a child is not the same as a love for a spouse.

We all want to be special and think we are someone’s favorite. I’m my parent’s favorite and since I’m so much younger than my siblings, I believe they let me get away with that (and it also happens to be true). When my dad was alive he would agree with me.

Hurt feelings can ensue when people choose one friend over another or one child or a parent, etc. I’m grateful that God doesn’t do that. Sometimes it may seem because of our circumstances that God is choosing to bless one person over the other. It’s been my experience that His love holds no bounds and His love is intense. The more I put into the relationship the more I’ll get out.

We judge Him by our circumstances. He gets blamed for the all the bad in the world. God is good and He loves me – this I know.

Not everyone will be our close confidants. We don’t have to wear our hearts on our sleeves. We will always have deep relationships and those that aren’t but are friendly. People we work with don’t need to know our deepest darkest secrets. That’s not what I’m talking about here.

I want to go on record as saying, I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt anyone’s feelings. If I made you feel less than. It was never my intention. My heart is that . . . You’re All My Favorites.

© Nadine Zawacki 2009


jennifer said...

This was quite timely for something that happened in my life recently. I needed that reminder of different loves, not BETTER loves.

You are one of my favorites Nadine, no doubt about it!

Susan said...

The more we realize how loved we are by Christ the easier it is for us to love many, even the unloveable. The commandment is to love others as we love ourselves and the problem is so many people don't know how loved they are by God and therefore don't love themselves. It is part of the message of Christ that needs to be taught and proclaimed. WE ARE LOVED!!!!

Scarlet said...

Are you saying I'm not your favorite blogger?? :(

Well, at least I'm one of your favorites! :)

PS - Great post, btw! It hits home, especially now.

Dawn said...

Beautiful, Nadine. I know we're all God's favorites! But isn't it amazing how much blame God gets for the bad stuff, but forgotten for the good!

Have wonderful day - it snowed in Colorado last night - big huge wet flakes. But it didn't amount to much here at our house after all. Any snow in NY yet?

Shionge said...

Yo Nadine, sorry I've been absent for sometime and yes, you will always be one of my favourite friend too :D

Cheers always!!