Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Confession Time

They say confession is good for the soul. Let’s see if that’s true. I want to confess something. I hope that you don’t think ill of me when I make this confession.

It all started as I was making some of my home made sauce. Tom’s mom taught me how when we first got married. That was the only thing Tom asked of me and it was a good idea, since I wasn’t Italian. She was fabulous and happy to share her recipe with me. In my house growing up rice and beans and barbeque goat meat was the norm so I didn’t have any idea about meatballs and spaghetti sauce. Anyway, I digress - back to my confession.

As I was cooking up my sauce, I started to pretend I had my own cooking show. If you must know the theme for my show is home cooking with different ethnic foods since I’m of different ethnic backgrounds.

I know I’m not Italian but I’ve made enough sauce in my 28 years of marriage that I’m an honorary Italian.

I also had a name for my show. It was called, “A Pinch of This and Dash of That.” I know what you’re thinking – my friend is nuts. But let me explain. I have a great imagination (one of the reasons why I like to write). I also have a love of cooking and cooking shows. I’ve been told that I’m humorous. I use to act in High School. You put all of those ingredients together and do you know what you get? You get someone pretending they have a cooking show while they cook dinner. Okay, maybe not.

I feel better getting it off my chest.

Now I’ve shared my little confession. What types of creative things do you do? If it’s something you do when no is watching even better.

© Nadine Zawacki 2009


Tom Zawacki said...

I would definitely watch "A Pinch of This and a Dash of That" - you could absolutely pull it off!

Then again I do enjoy the private showings (grin, grin).


Nadine said...

Tom - Thank you honey. You are my biggest fan. As far as the private showing . . . I'll see you later. :)

JEWELIA said...

That cartoon is to funny!

Ha ha I can hear you in my head. I am sure you make an awesome sauce, especially with all prep work and reciting your lines. Hmm I love when no one is home and I can blast my music and dance around the house while I get things done..he he I can be a ballerina, what ever dancer I want to be, but it's all in my head cause I usually wind up sitting because I over exerted myself or I pull a muscle!

Donna said...

What channel can we watch your cooking show on? I'll tune in. Today my husband found a TV channel that played oldies. I was sitting at the computer while my foot started tapping, then I started moving to the music in my seat. I so wanted to get up and say, Hey Frankie, doesn't this music make you want to dance. Let's dance! (but I didn't do it).
He would roll his eyes, chuckle, and stay put. hahaha Anyway just thinking about it made me smile and laugh inside.

LDH said...

Oh, I would so watch your cooking show! It would be delightful, for sure.

Susan said...

You have much more imagination than I do!!! Good for you and fun for you ..... & Tom!

chelle said...

That is so totally awesome. Think having an imagination goes a long way to blissful cooking, cleaning and other things that just have to be done!

jennifer said...

I DANCE when no one is watching!

You definitely are humorous. I would tune in to your show!

Dawn said...

Wow! I have my own cooking show, too! I wonder if we're on the same network? (Bwahahaha!) BTW, sometimes I SING on my cooking show. Lucky viewers! LOL

Jourdan said...

I would watch it!!!

Haha, you are so cute. And definitely an honorary Italian :)

Oh hey and by the way...I am the now in charge of everything Streams online, so I made a new blog for the internship...do you think you could link to it sometime on your blog?? I'm trying to get it advertised to whoever wants to know more info about the program and it would be a huge blessing if you and/or Tom could do a little advertisement for me???

Thanks so much Nae!

love love and more love,

Jourdan said...

here's the link:



Nadine said...

Jewels - I love the cartoon - takes me back. I bet you dance fabulously.

Donna - Thanks for the love. Right now its on a cable channel that is very remote.

LDH - Thanks for the support. Maybe I can start a petition and submit it to the Food Network. :)

Susan - Thanks. My imagination sometimes scares me though.

Nadine said...

Jennifer - If you had a show where you danced, I would tune in. Again, thanks for the support at this rate my petition is getting longer.

Dawn - Maybe we could "guest star" on each others show. I bet the ratings would go through the roof.

Jourdan - I linked it to my blog and placed it as my status on Facebook. I'm sure with you heading it, it will be fabulous.

Jacki said...

Your husband is hilarious and naughty!

I, too, imagine myself with a cooking show...I would love to be on Food Network.

But what to I do when no one is looking? Sneak candy!

palmtreefanatic said...

Awww cute Nadine!;)
I think that sounds like fun! why not!

ummm I cant think of anything I do now but I used to pretend I was really something when I was a whole lot younger. Like a teen! I was never really looked upon but pretended and how silly I was for it;)

Cindy Campbell said...

Ok, so I could so see you having fun doing a cooking show!
As for me, I teach- I often narrate when no one is around..just about anything. My folks used to say I spoke to hear the sound of my own voice- and now I find they may have been right. i talk about laundry or what God has on my heart- I talk out loud to God a lot!
I'll sign that petition for sure!

Little Red said...

I'd watch your show as well, Nadine, so whenever you're ready... :)

Btw, it's me, the Cuban girl...and to answer you're question, yes, I do many things creatively. I like to salsa dance like I'm on one of those Telemundo shows, especially when I'm wearing heels and I pretend everyone's watching!! LOL

Toby Parsons said...

I love it! Do it Nadine. It would be a hit. :)

I'll be deleting my blog within the next month. Time for me to move on. Thanks for being my bloggy friend though!

I don't want to lose touch with you so I plan to friend you on facebook. :)

Hope all is well Nadine!

Nadine said...

Jacki - Would you guest star on my show?

Palm Tree - I have a suggestion - Cindy Lauper. I bet you would do that well.

Cindy - Teaching - now that's something that is very useful.

Little Red - You can come on my show and do a dance number. It would be awesome.

Toby - The blog world will miss you, but I'm glad we can keep up on Facebook.

a woman who is said...

Nadine you are the show :] and one I miss very much.

Hey have you seen Julie and Julia? If you love cooking shows/blogging you will love this one.