Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Revolve Tour

Last weekend a group of moms and I took six of our young girls to The Revolve Tour. The girls had a great time. The conference was just for girls and the theme was being real. It's an important message for young girls as well as boys to hear. Being real is not always easy. Adults have trouble with it, imagine how difficult it can be for young adults.

My favorite speaker was Chad Eastman. He spoke about guys being waffles and girls being spaghetti. Guys are like waffles because they have compartments. They put everything in a square. They can only operate in one square at a time. He said that they even have a box called, "Nothing." Girls are like spaghetti because everything is intermingled. Girls can go from one subject to another in a second while guys are still in the first wondering where did they go. You can order the book HERE.

My favorite part of the trip was Friday night when I shared the room (2 double beds) with another mom and six teenagers (pictured above). They were great. I was very impressed by the girls. We played this game called, "When I Look At You I See." We told each girl something positive we seen in them, some things were from our own hearts and some things were what we felt God was saying about the girl. These girls are awesome and I was touched by what they said to one another.

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Susan said...

What a better world it would be if we were all just real. A very rare comodity I'm afraid. I think it is wonderful that these girls are being taught that truth. I've heard things like that about the difference between men & woman. Woman's minds were likened to a twinkling string of Christmas lights with the blinking (thoughts) going on all over the place and all at once. Woman's minds do not slow down. Men do have a "nothing room"!! God has a great sense of humor doesn't he?!!1

Dawn said...

That is so true about how differently our minds work! And then you add an unadmitted hearing loss to the mix and it really gets interesting!

Love the sound of your time together - what a blessing.

Ily said...

Sounds like a great time! Wish my daughter had this kind of fellowship (and me, too!!).

The pic's adorable!

Brenda said...

A wonderful investment in these girls' live you given them. I'm sure they'll remember this forever.
Love the cute waffle/spaghetti analogy. So true!

eph2810 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the conference. I think it is so cool that you and others took the time to take the girls :)

Nadine said...

Susan - It was a great time and I agree it's rare to teach them to be real.

Dawn - It was a fun teaching. The book is very good. One of the girls purchased it and is loving it.

Ily - Maybe next time you and your daughter can come.

Brenda - It's important to invest in young people. I agree.

Eph2810 - It was a great time. One of the girls on the way home called friends and told them they needed to go next time.

palmtreefanatic said...

what a wonderful opportunity to Bless others! fun fun fun!

Sandy said...

Hi Nadine, sorry it's been so long since I've visited you! I like that - guys are like waffles and girls like spaghetti. It's a great thing you are doing!
Merry Christmas!