Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyday's a Gift

Today I celebrate 32 years of being with Tom. It's not our wedding anniversary but the anniversary of when we started dating. I wrote about it here and here. I love telling the story about how we met in the fruit and vegetable store. I was so young and he was so cute.

I remember Tom telling me how much he loved me right away. At 16, it wasn't easy for me to say "I love you" back, but when I did I meant it. I'm so blessed God allowed me to meet the man I was going to marry at such a young age. I'm blessed that I didn't have to kiss many frogs to get my prince. My prince was delivered to my neighborhood between the peas and coconuts. He looked like a prince so it wasn't hard to pick him out of a crowd.

Being together for 32 years is a blessing. Everyday is a gift. I treasure my time with Tom. I love spending time with him. I love ministering with him. I love traveling with him. I love sharing life with him.

In some ways 32 years is a long time and in others it feels like only the beginning. I love you Tom and I will always remain,

Forever Yours,

(The picture above was taken 32 years ago on February 19, 1978 by my brother-in-law)


Dawn said...

I always love this story every year as you share it. Here's trusting you have AT LEAST 32 more years!

jennifer said...

I love you and Tom... not seperately (well that too) but as a couple. You are romantic role models :)

Congratulations of 32 years together!

LDH said...

Dear post and story! I recently copied this Robert Browning quote from a blog I visit:

What's the earth with all its art, verse, music worth - Compared with love, found, gained, and kept?

Happy 32 years together!

chelle said...

aww so sweet! You are an inspiration!

Brenda said...

"Between the pea and the coconuts" That is so funny!
May you be blessed with many, many more fun years together, Nadine.

オテモヤン said...


palmtreefanatic said...

congrats on 32 yrs!
You 2 are an inspiration to all!

Shionge said...

Indeed everyday's a gift Nadine and you have taught me how to love, unfortunately it has always been challenging to say the least ';(

Ily said...

How sweet and special! The photo is fantastic!


Anonymous said...

And did you get that photo out of an album you have finished??? Just checking, all mine are still in boxes waiting for homes in scrapbooks :) Love this picture, it is one I have not seen before. Your nephew had a picture of Tom in that video that I could not decide if it was dad or son......