Saturday, September 18, 2010

Burning Man - Part IV

It takes a lot of preparation to take 40 people into the desert for a week. Part of the reason the team meets up in Carson City is to get everything ready. I volunteered to help with the kitchen staff. The couple who was in charge of three meals a day for our team (Watering Eyes and Amphora) did an awesome job getting things ready beforehand and cooking while in the desert.

We stored the cold food in coolers. But some things had to be prepared before going. For example, brownies were made, bacon was cooked, and vegetables were cleaned and packed. I was impressed how organized they were. Not only is there food prep, but the tents have to be checked, cleaned and packed.

With the trailer filled with food, tents, chairs, barbeques, etc., we started our two hour trek from Carson City to Black Rock City (BRC). There is a long road to enter BRC, with these signs that line along the road. (Pictured below)

At the next check point your tickets are checked and then you proceed to the “Welcoming Station.” Greeters welcome you with big hugs and by saying “Welcome home.” If you are a first timer they make you roll around in the dust and ring a bell. (Dr. Phil below at the Welcoming Station.)

Welcoming Station
Dr. Phil rolling around.
Dr. Phil ringing the bell.
You are probably wondering if Momma Bear rolled around in the dirt. The answer to that would be no. It’s not that I’m not a good sport. I have really bad knees. They were swollen and I can’t lie on the ground. It’s too hard to get up. So Momma Bear lied through her teeth and said I was there before. Don’t judge me until you walked a mile with my knees.

The playa is set up with roads that have names and time. Our location was 4:30 and Detroit. The team worked very hard to set up the coffee dome, encounter tent, area where we cook and eat, and the personal tents for the team to sleep in. Tom and I were blessed to sleep in one of the RV’s.

Enjoy the following pictures of the set up.

The RV's.
Encounter Tent being set up.
Overhead shelter for our cooking area and our meals.Coffee dome frame being put in place.

© Nadine Zawacki 2010


Dawn said...

Quite an operation!! Was it horribly hot?

Nadine said...

Dawn - Towards the end of the week it got hot. The early part of the week it was really cold at night.

Scarlet Ily said...

I feel as though I'm embarking on this journey with you. Sounds like an incredible experience...and btw, I love your line about not judging you until we've walked a mile in your knees. Very clever, Chica!

PS - Love the photos!!

Bex said...

I love that you had a coffee dome!