Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow, Snow Go Away

Since Christmas, New York has been hit with one snow storm after another. I’m sick of it. Our kids had trouble getting out of New York with delays and cancellations because the snow was not cleaned up in a timely fashion.

Shame, shame New York. Seriously, where do we live? Isn’t this the “big city?” Nothing stops us from what we want to do, except apparently snow. I was embarrassed by the way snow removal had been handled after that first storm. I remember larger storms and better clean up years past. All of a sudden a city that never sleeps was asleep on the job. Brooklyn was the worst.

We went to see Tom’s dad in Brooklyn and city buses were stuck in mid turn. I’ve never seen that before. Major streets were not plowed. They received lots of criticism and they tried to do better when the second storm hit.

Now it appears we are getting a storm or two a week. The old has not passed away before the new has come.

Seriously, I’m ready to plant a church in Maui. Who’s coming with me?

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Dawn said...

I've been reading about it - I feel for you!! We're flying to Boston tomorrow morning - so far so good there. Praying it'll be okay!

As for planting a church in Maui - let's make it Kauai!

Dawn said...

Count me in... women's ministries are my passion. And I'm quite certain I could be extra passionate about it in Hawaii! LOL

We were in Cleveland for the holidays and the mess on the east coast got us stuck there for some extra time. At least we were where we had family (and free lodging!) and the kids were out of school so we weren't pushed to get back. Maybe you'll be rewarded with an extra pleasant spring and summer!

Lulú said...

I think it's time you opened a church in Miami! I'd be a part of if!! :)

jennifer said...

Nadine, I can't begin to imagine trying to function in that much snow! Some communities in North Alabama have had snow this year and we are just not equipped in our state to deal with it.

I hope that you and Tom stay safe and keep warm!

Brenda said...

That's a bummer when a large city practically comes to a stand still. Be safe!

Jewelia said...

John Konior will def go with you to Maui, he always wanted a hot dog cart on the beach there. As for the snow, I feel sorry for those who have to commute in it. The sun will soon shine again.

Alene said...

Hey girl,
At this point in time, I'm ready to head out with you. I live in south Texas and weather here as been crazy, as well. Nothing like NY I'm sure, but still this is the south. I'm so ready for some 80 degree weather.
When are we leaving???