Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don’t You Find That Funny?

Humor is in the eye of the beholder. What one person finds funny, another – not so much.

What makes me laugh?

Comedies, comedy shows, comics, etc. That is normal, but . . .

I laugh when people fall. I know that just sounds terrible, but I can’t help it. I’m afraid that I passed that on to my daughter. Could it be the expression of surprise on the person’s face? Yes that’s a part of it, but it’s also the actual fall. If I could control myself long enough I would give out scores on a scale of one to ten.

My darling Tom has had a couple that when I retell it, I can’t control myself. Don’t think ill of me. He didn’t get hurt.

This is one of these times:

Sometimes when you watch someone fall it’s almost like watching it in slow motion. We were living in West Virginia. Our kitchen had French doors on the side that led to a side porch. Tom went outside one day and there was ice on the porch. He was wearing his slippers (not a good choice for the ice). My daughter and I were in the kitchen looking at him just in time to see him slip. First one leg seemed to be at a 90 degree angle from his body and then the other leg followed suit. He landed fast and got up even faster. He looked around to see if anyone was looking and unfortunately our next door neighbor saw. He asked Tom if he was okay. My daughter bolted to her room and I could hear her laughing. Tom came in and with has much self control I could muster; I asked if he was okay. It lasted for about ten seconds before laughter came out.

I know it’s not nice to laugh at someone when they fall, but I also know I’m not the only one out there who does. Why else would America’s Funniest Home Videos be popular or the show Wipeout.

Tom loves me even when I can’t control myself. I’m grateful.

What makes you laugh?

© Nadine Zawacki 2011


Tom Zawacki said...

Yes, I do love you - madly & passionately!!

Brenda said...

My hand is up! I can't help it, it just comes out when someone falls. My oldest daughter inherited that from me too.
Hope all is well with you!

Christina said...

I am the same way. Once when we were in our house in HI, the one we lived in longest, about 4 years, my husband got up for work at 4am and he missed the top step and tumbled down the first flight, hit the wall and kept going. I heard and started cracking up. I then called out "are you OK?" which he was and then I continued to laugh. I didn't even have to see it. I thought it was hysterical because I was thinking, we have been living in this house for 4 years, how can you forget the steps are there?

Dawn said...

I have to say I don't think I ever laugh when someone falls, because I am such a klutz and have hurt myself too many times falling - or embarrassed myself to tears, like the time I was coming down from the organ on Sunday morning, my hosed foot slipped out of my new red backless sandal, and I went sprawling on the floor of the church - mortifying!!!

Ginnie said...

Anthony laughing. it's contagious. even when I am being oh so serious.

jennifer said...

I watch AFV through my fingers. I am phobic about falling! Just another example of how people are different and that makes life interesting :)

Shionge said...

If it is a trip and 'light' fall that's ok but recently, a friend of mine have the unfortunately incident of losing her wife after a bad fall in China.

On my last trip to Spain, my Mom fell right in front of me at the airport just before I check in so it was worrying especially when I have to go on a trip.