Monday, January 06, 2014

Gotta Love YouTube

I’ve crocheted in the past but it was so long ago I forgot how. Back then I winged it as I went along with some basic stitches I learned from someone or someplace. I made some blankets for the kids and my hubby.

Fast forward to the present. A friend at church was making baby blankets for needy families and I thought that was an awesome idea. So she helped me get started on a blanket. We laughed more than I paid attention to anything. My blanket sides started to be wobbly. I should have paid closer attention. In need of help, I turned to YouTube. 

I love YouTube. Not only did I learn how to crochet a baby blanket but I’ve also made some booties. The blanket (pictured above) and booties (pictured below) are for one of my daughter’s friends who's expecting a baby. 
So if you need to learn how to do anything – hop over to YouTube and type in your “how to” question.

Nadine Zawacki © 2103 

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Melissa Fowler said...

Agreed. YouTube has so many helpful videos! It's cool that you picked up crocheting. I started painting a bit recently and it's so much fun! Being able to express creativity is a beautiful thing.