Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Woman’s Weed is One Little Boy’s Flower

Last Sunday after church, one of the little boys picked me a “flower.” It was a dandelion weed. I said thank you and then placed it on the bench beside me. I got up to leave and honestly, I just forgot about it. He called out to let me know that I left my “flower” on the bench. I picked it up and thanked him. It just made me smile.

This sweet boy wanted me to have a flower and the adult me knew it wasn’t a flower. Of course, I took it anyway. His heart was pure and precious. I realized at that moment what Jesus meant when he said in Matthew 18:3; Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you’ll never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

That innocence and ability to look at a weed and see only a flower is priceless. That’s what God does with us. As an adult, I lost that. I know that it is a weed and it plays havoc with my lawn. I know a lot of things and sometimes that gets in the way my seeing the innocence and purity in life. My own earthly wisdom gets in the way.

In times when hope and faith are needed, that’s when innocence and purity comes into play. I’ve prayed and seen mountains move and I’ve prayed and seen nothing happen. Why? I don’t know. But today I pray, I can see people, the way this little see weeds. Thank you Lord for a sweet lesson from a sweet boy.

© Nadine Zawacki 2015


Ileana said...

Happy Sunday, Nadine! I'm so happy you're blogging again. I had to mention it on my blog because I think my readers would enjoy the way you tell a story as much as I do.

Lynn said...

That is a lovely lesson - what a sweet little boy! Ileana mentioned your blog on a post, so I thought I'd stop by.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Sometimes we see our gifts and talents as weeds because they are not as beautiful and refined as those of others. That is what this story says to me. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Teresa