Sunday, June 18, 2006

Solid Ground

It’s so good to be back on solid ground. Our first day at sea was very rocky. I was so glad for the handicapped rail in the shower when I almost slipped several times because of the rocking. Did I mention the parting gift of the norovirus that infected 115 people on the ship during the cruise? It could have been worse – I could have gotten sick during the cruise and would have been quarantined to my very small cabin like many people were. Even with all of that the trip was good and I had a good time being with Tom. We enjoyed good food and met some nice people.

I took a million pictures every day with my new digital camera that our awesome kids (Lisa & Tommy you’re the best) gave us.

When we boarded the boat we were greeted with a glass of champagne (nice touch). There was a welcome aboard buffet lunch. It was nice, but what we really enjoyed was the house band playing as we got ready to set sail (picture to the left).

Before you can set sail we had to have a lifeboat drill. As you can tell from the picture below who had control of the camera because no picture of me in that lovely orange contraption was taken. He does loves orange lately (see below for more details on his love of the color orange).Tom ate sushi for the first time and enjoyed it! The best was after 28 years of trying to get him to use chop sticks, he finally did and quite well may I add. I also convinced him to take a swing class! He’s a natural and he truly loves me for doing this.

The best part about going on vacation is getting new clothes. Tom chose to get some interesting colors in both shirts and shorts (bright orange one stands out to me, photo to the right). I did convince him not to wear both bright orange shirt and shorts together. Lisa said that she didn’t want him to look like a traffic cone (see photos to the left) and a good friend, Don said he could look like an orange popsicle in his shorts. All kidding aside, it didn’t look too bad with the white shirt. He’s really very cute no matter what he’s wearing.

Hum . . . the similarities are amazing. (see picture below . . . blog is won't let me place it where I want.)

I did find out that Tom started to twitch when he found out that going online on the ship meant a charge of 75 cents a minute. He did manage to figure out it only took a minute to download his e-mail, log off, answer the e-mail, log on long enough to send his e-mail then log off again. This was the only way to stop the twitching. The following are pictures of Tom at his favorite places in Alaska.

Tom in Juneau.

Tom in Skagway setting up for favorite activity.

Tom in Ketchikan.

The Hubbard Glacier

Tom enjoying the Hubbard Glacier

All kidding aside. We had a great time. Here's a picture of us at the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau having a toast.

The best part of this trip was being with Tom and getting to relax. I will definitely miss my afternoon naps.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'm so glad the blog finally worked.

Copyright © Nadine Z. 2006


Don C. said...

Uh, pictures after the life vest picture. I had no idea you would actually TELL Tom about the popsicle comment. Yikes! :)

Just Being Me said...

Yeah I know. I've been trying to fix it for days. Each time I think I got it, nothing. Errrr.