Friday, September 08, 2006

Cracked Glass

I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything for this blog. I guess I’ve been in a slump, mentally and spiritually. That is now over for now. So I want to share a little story with you. We purchased two used cars several months ago. I can’t begin to tell how happy I was to drive my car.

Okay, maybe I can tell you. To appreciate the little things in life, you have to remember where you came from. The car I used to drive for example. Where do I start? Now I’m not a very fancy girl and it really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I mean my former car (and I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead), but here are a few of the things it had going for it; the “check engine” light was on for over a year, the driver side window didn’t roll down (or should I say it rolled down, but it didn’t roll up), the visor just hung down lifelessly (but not at an angle that would help block the sun and I used push pins to keep it up so it wouldn’t block my vision), the tape deck ate tapes, the transmission slipped all the time and my ultimate favorite is that in the end it wouldn’t go faster than 50 miles per hour and it had to be driven in 2nd gear. Don’t get me wrong, it made appreciate people who were only going 50 or 60 miles an hour on the highway. Instead of beeping and giving them the evil eye as I passed, I now have sympathy. I start to think that maybe they have car trouble and that’s as fast as they can go. Maybe it’s because of all those people who passed me when I could only do 50 in a 70 mile an hour zone beeping me, cursing at me and giving me looks that say, “If I a launcher attached on my car you’ll be dead lady.” When I start to slip into my old ways, I remember my old car and cut the other guy some slack.

So now I’m driving a car that does the speed limit. I figure I’m way ahead of the game. But then it happened. A week after driving my beautiful car, a rock hit the windshield. It wasn’t very big and it wasn’t in my line of vision and besides, these things happen, right? So another week goes by and there’s another rock, but it’s still okay, because it’s not big and still I can’t really notice it. One day a week later on the passenger side of the windshield this crack seemed to coming up out of nowhere. I look carefully and under the windshield wiper is a big rock chip. I keep an eye on it as it rises slowly and curves. I’m not really upset until a second crack comes from the same rock chip and makes it way up near the first. But what makes me realize I have a rock magnet for a car is the third crack that came from the same rock chip. And just when I think, “This can’t possibly get any worse?” – you got it - two rocks hit my windshield at the same time near the three cracks and leave two big beautiful rock chips.

I knew that this wasn’t good. Maybe it’s prophetic – my windshield having cracks in it. Now it’s not in my direct line of vision and if I try I can ignore it because it’s in the corner of the passenger side of the car. But the thing I noticed is that I started to notice other cars on the road and their cracked windshields. I can’t believe how many cars in the Tri-Cities have cracked windshields and many of them a lot worse than mine.

So, I know I’ll need to replace this windshield, but who has the money. I mean the cracks aren’t bothering me, they are just there. I prayed they would stop growing and a miracle happened – they did. It doesn’t impede my ability to see and drive, so I may not have my physical windshield fixed. On the other hand, God has fixed the cracks of my spiritual vision lately and I can see clearer now. Physically you can drive around and still get where you’re going with cracks in your windshield, but spiritually is another story. Until next time, don’t let a few cracks keep you down or stop you from getting to where you’re going.

© Nadine Z. 2006

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Tom Zawacki said...

I love you Baby, cracks and all!