Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Mother’s Joy

Today is my daughter’s birthday. My husband wrote a moving article about her and what he’s learned being her dad. Check out Emancipation of the Freed.

I recall the day she was born. I was in labor a very long time (18 hours). She just was not coming out on her own. Finally at 8:00 am the doctor says he would like to try one more thing. I recall asking him and probably not in a very nice way, what he was going to do in an hour. Was he going to cut me? Well then, cut me NOW! I just wanted to give birth. I was tired and in pain and I wanted it to be over with. So the doctor did a C-section.

I woke up in the hallway and was very sleepy. For 9 months Tom kept rubbing my belly and saying, “My son, my son.” I was convinced that is what we would have.

I see a nurse nearby and ask her, “Nurse, what did I have?”

She replied, “A girl, Mrs. Zawacki.”

“Oh, a boy. That’s nice.”

“No, Mrs. Zawacki, I said a girl.”

At this point I realized how out of it I was. I asked to see her. They wheeled her to me and all I saw was this beautiful face with tons of thick black hair. She was covered very tightly with a blanket. The only thought at that moment was unbelief that God would use me to bring this beautiful little baby into the world. The 18 hours of labor started to fade very quickly. It didn’t matter what had happened to bring this miracle about, she was more than worth it. I was so in love with her.

So now 23 years later, I look at her and I’m amazed that God gave me the honor to take part in her upbringing. That he loaned this beautiful young woman to me and Tom. I am proud of the woman that she is and even though she teases me that her brother is my favorite, I love her more than words can say. Happy Birthday, Lisa, you’re my favorite girl.

© Nadine Z.


Tom Zawacki said...

Hey Na,

You do good work! You make good lookin' babies!


Dianna said...

Thanks for the encouragement, friend. You have a gorgeous girl! Love,Di.