Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Exploring Creativity

Yesterday, I touched on the theme of inspiration and creativity. I was inspired during my lunch time to write a poem. When I was writing my book, I started to understand the creativity process more. I had a story in mind and I vaguely knew how it started and where I wanted to end up. It was the stuff in between that I was not sure of. So often I found myself just staring at a blank piece of paper (computer screen) asking the question, “So what’s next?”

Inspiration came when I took a moment before each chapter and closed my eyes. I said a little prayer and asked God where do I take these characters next? I opened my eyes and placed my fingers on the keys. The next thing I knew my fingers were typing in record speed and the next chapter spilled out on the page. I felt I shouldn’t get any credit for the story, because I was just a vessel God was using. For me the process was inspiration first and then creativity followed.

I do other things that are creative, like writing this blog. I’ve challenged myself to come up with daily entries if possible. So far so good, but when stuff of life kicks in, it may not be possible to do that daily and that’s okay. I’ve found it interesting how the inspiration has hit me in different ways. Yesterday a poem came to me when just reflecting on hope. The article on the show Heroes came when just thinking about how much I just enjoy that show. I could go on, but my point is this, God is the source of our inspiration. We may get inspired by his creations, or things he places in front of us, but ultimately He’s the source. Creativity is something God places in us and for this I’m grateful.

So how do you express your creativity? Where does your inspiration come from? How do you take advantage of the source of inspiration and creativity? I so love the fact there is a storehouse of creativity in heaven and I can just tap into it because I’m a child of God. How cool is that?

© Nadine Z. 2006

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Jenna said...

Aw Nadine i love you! and i would love to hear some of your poems sometime :-D!