Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tire Changers

This post is a salute to all the tire changers out there. You may think that changing a tire is not a big deal unless of course you can’t change one. I’m a pretty self sufficient kind of gal, but there are areas that I am not. To be honest, I choose not to be able to change a tire. I can do some basics like add washer fluid, check the oil, etc. But changing the tire is not one of the basics I have mastered or care to. I know that sounds foolish to some of you, especially if you are the kind of gal who can change a tire.

I know the basic idea of how to change a tire. I’ve seen one changed many times in real life and on TV, but I have never actually done it myself. I look at it this way, at home I have my area of responsibility and Tom has his. The car is his. If it needs to be fixed then he handles it. If I can change a tire then I deny him the opportunity to rescue me. How could I do that to the man I love?

So tonight when our daughter blew a tire on the highway, she called daddy. He came to her rescue and changed the tire in the dark on the side of the road. We both were impressed and overjoyed with his mad tire changing skills. His response was, “It’s only a tire. Anyone can change a tire.” Well that’s not necessarily true. We both said at the same time, “Well, I can’t.”

Just because you can do something without it being a big deal to you, doesn’t mean anyone can do it. We often take for granted the things we do that don’t seem all that impressive to us. The thing we forget is that it may be impressive to someone else if they can’t do it. So to all those tire changers out there, I salute you. Thank you for all the times you rescued us.

© Nadine Z. 2006

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Tom Zawacki said...

I'd come to your rescue any day (grin grin)