Friday, December 08, 2006

27 Years Ago Today

Today is a special day for Tom and me because twenty-seven years ago he got on one knee and slipped on a very special ring on my hand left hand, fourth finger. I was only eighteen at the time.

Tom and I started dating when I was sixteen years old. A couple of weeks later he told me he loved me. A short time after that he asked me to marry him. He was a very intense eighteen year old that knew what he wanted and what he wanted was me. I would tell him I loved him, but I was too young to get married. He finally wore me down and I said yes to him giving me a ring for my 18th birthday.

The next step was the hardest. He wanted to give me the ring for my birthday, which is in September, but he had to get pass my dad. Yes, good old dad, who wasn’t thrilled I had a boyfriend. So one Sunday, my brother egged Tom on that today was as good a day as any to ask for my hand in marriage. I had just graduated high school a month earlier. So Tom did and it didn’t go well. You would have thought he said I was expecting a child and we had to get married for the reaction my dad gave. He yelled for my mom and his exact words were, “I told you it would lead to this.”

Thank God for moms with cool heads. She talked my dad down from the ledge and convinced him that this was a good thing and that Tom was a good man. So we compromised and got engaged on December 8th. My dad grew to love him, but it took years.

When our daughter was born, my dad suddenly became a very smart and righteous man. Funny how certain situations look differently when viewed from the other side.

I’m so grateful that Tom was persistent and chased me until I said yes. I’ve never regretted saying yes and I’m a blessed woman for having him in my life for he completes me.

I love you honey, and I’ll always remain,

Forever yours,

© Nadine Z. 2006


Tom Zawacki said...

Ah, a pleasant stroll down memory lane…

Thanks Honey for saying yes,

Don C. said...

I got two words for you...KARO SYRUP! LOL!
I love you guys and love your unabashed, genuine love for one another. But really, make it sound like Tom chased you down and wore you out. I think you were retreating in the attack position. I think you were just making sure he was serious.
Yep. That's what I think REALLY happened. ;-)

Tom Zawacki said...

I must confess I passionately, tenaciously and relentlessly pursued Nadine. I was a man on a mission. It took a year and a half but she finally said yes. Two years after that she said I do. I couldn’t be more blessed!