Friday, December 15, 2006


I was thinking today about obstacles. Merriam-Webster defines obstacles as something that impedes progress or achievement. Everyone faces obstacles. What we do when faced with obstacles help define who we are. Do we march ahead or allow them to stop us from reaching our goals? If we are on a road that we are truly passionate about, then nothing stands in our way. Obstacles become simple hurdles we jump over on our way to winning the race. Our passions helps us forge ahead.

What if we are on a road that we’re not that enthusiastic about? The smallest obstacles pop up and we become discouraged and want to give up. Obstacles impede us moving ahead when we let them. There are various reasons this can happen. Sometimes we are just in a bad place in our life. When we look through dark glasses, nothing can be bright. The smallest of stones seem like boulders on our path to our goal.

What type of outlook we have on life may determine how we handle these obstacles. Some people in their hurt retreat further into themselves. They choose not to let anyone in, not even God. I’ve seen others when they hurt, lash out and hurt others they blame for their present state of mind. Neither of these reactions produce much fruit nor do anything to remove the obstacles. Then there are those who choose to dig deeper in their relationship with God, reach out to others and do whatever is necessary to jump over the obstacle in their path. They don’t allow that certain something to impede their progress or achievement.

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