Sunday, December 10, 2006

Writing What You Know

I find that the most touching articles I can write about are the ones where I have personal experience. The ones that touch others are the ones that come from my heart. When I can articulately express emotions or experiences the reader is moved because I’ve touch something inside of them. Whether I’m making them laugh or making them cry, emotions come forth when I put a little of myself in my writing. I’m not talking about the creative process of God given inspiration and imagination to tell a story. I not saying you can’t write about murder if you haven’t killed anyone. Styles of writing are too vast to cover in one little article. I’m focusing on one aspect – writing what you know.

In doing this blog, I’ve noticed that the times I’m vulnerable and speak from the heart that’s when others are touched. Sometimes it brings laughter and that’s the place I like to write from the most.

I’ve been told on many an occasion that I’m a funny person. There is a deeper side to people who are funny. Being funny and making someone laugh evokes as deep of emotions as making them cry. When you truly laugh deeply it releases the sadness, or pain like nothing else can. You can laugh until it hurts in a good way. Because you are funny or an easy going person, people get the wrong impression that you can’t take life seriously. I can laugh deeply and also cry deeply. That scares me sometimes. I can’t live in that sad place for very long because it makes life so much harder. I much rather approach life from the lighter side.

When you write what you know you can touch someone else who may go through similar circumstances, but maybe they have trouble expressing it in words. It’s very comforting to read someone’s experience and you say to yourself, “Hey that’s exactly how I feel. I’m not alone. Someone understands me.”

I’ve found lately that I’m getting in touch with my serious side. It just the place God seems to have me in. I know I enjoy writing what I know and my best articles are the ones I write from my heart. Whether it’s the funny side or the serious side of me, writing what I know comes easier.

© Nadine Z. 2006

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