Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dancing in Freedom

Back in November I wrote a post about Freedom in Worship. Today I experienced a new level in dancing in freedom. I am not the best dancer in our church but when I stand before the Lord and worship Him in dance I feel free. I felt freer today than I ever had. I danced across the room and around it. I had so much fun.

I see dance as an expression of freedom in worship. It doesn’t matter if you lift you hands and sway or you bounce around the room. No matter how you express your love for God on a Sunday morning, when you do it with all that’s within you, you bless Him.

I realized one of the health benefits of losing forty five pounds was I’m lighter on my feet and my knees don’t hate me as much when I dance around. Another thirty pounds and I might just last the whole set without needing an oxygen tank on stand by.

I believe as time goes on God will move me more out of my comfort zone in this area. I’m excited to reach new heights with Him. I had a few people come up to me and say that they enjoyed seeing me dance. I believe when we do something that God calls us to do in freedom that it encourages others. It doesn’t have to be perfect. So next time, maybe some of you will come dance with me and the Lord. Or maybe have the courage to do whatever it is God is calling you to do in freedom.

© Nadine Z. 2007

Artwork by Diana Berek

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Tom Zawacki said...

you go girl!

Dance baby dance...

(45 pounds wooohoooo!!)