Friday, February 02, 2007

Author, Author

At the end of a great play, the crowd would cheer, “Author, author!” So what makes you an author? The dictionary states an author is somebody who writes a book or other test, for example a literary work or a report. It also describes an author as a creator or originator of something.

I love to write, but I’ve said this before, I’m not the best writer there is. I’m okay with that. Is an author a person who is published? I don’t believe so. You may disagree and that’s okay. I believe an author is a creator or originator of something. The best authors receive it from the Creator of all things. Click here for a great post on this subject. If you enjoyed the post called, Dances with Words, then you have enjoyed a favorite author of mine. She is not published . . . yet. But when she is, I can say I knew her when. She inspires me to write better stories. I’ve learned a lot from her. Just as I am inspired by her there are others that inspire her to better herself. When we think we have arrived, then we leave no room for God to teach us and bring us to new levels of inspiration and creativity.

What do we do when God gives a gift? Our responsibility is to use that gift. The more we use it, the more the gift improves. I’m much better now then when I first started writing this blog. Of course there is room for improvement.

Writing a blog has been fun. Writing a novel is different. What I love to do is tell a story. I love to allow God access to the creativity He placed in me and let the story unfold. The process looks a bit like this – I pray . . . I stare at the blank screen . . . I pray again . . . I take a deep breath and wait for God’s presence . . . then I place my hands in position on the keyboard and let the words flow.

I’ve never taken a writing course. I’ve never graduated college. My first novel is not published. I’m working on my second. Am I an author? I let you answer that question. I write because I’m compelled. It’s something that is inside me and my desire is to enhance the gift God has given me.

© Nadine Z. 2007


Madison Richards said...

Let me be the first to say it - You ARE an author Nadine... Don't ever stop writing, and don't ever stop using the incredible gifts God has placed in you.

I love you. Thanks for your constant encouragement and your unwavering support...

Nicole said...

I don't think of myself as a "writer". I think there are a few blogs that I read that definitely have very great writers. I write things, but I think it is more like a jotting down of words. Who knows. Am I even making sense. I guess I just have a hard time putting myself in the same category as the REALLY great writers out there.

marykathryn said...

Well I think that everyone of us has something to say but how we choose to express it is what makes us different. Am I a writer?? No, I don't think so. When I first started blogging I felt a lot of pressure to be maybe someone I wasn't. I realized that now I write about my family and my life. I say anything that brings you joy and if you had enough dedication to write a NOVEL and then already start another...published or not I say you are a writer!
BTW..Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love comments and meeting new bloggers..Come back anytime and I will be back to yours as well!!

Trina said...

Hi there Nadine! Very nice to meet you. I would have to say "Yes" I would consider you an author my dear. Especially since your heart is so into it. What a beautiful gift, and I say use it or lose it. I will be back to enjoy more of your writing!

Kim said...

What a lovely entry today, Nadine. You CAN write.

I voted for cover A on the link on my blog, by the way. It looked more mysterious to me. I'm glad you liked it.


Lala's world said...

I like to write too, but when the HS is the author it is so much better and just flows out!

Elle*Bee said...

Hi - you were kind enough to visit my blog so I thought I'd check out yours. Yes, I would definitely say you ARE an author. As for me, I think I'm more of a 'diarist,' although I've never heard of that term associated with Anais Nin. (And Anais Nin, I'm not.) Still, I'm having fun trying - with the grace of God - to find my voice.