Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Sandwich Day

Some days start off really well. It’s Friday, it’s pay day and the office manager bought me a latte. The latte was totally unexpected and so out of character for her. I was lured into expecting the rest of the day would be just as nice.

I was very annoyed by my dealings with a lawyer’s assistant who wanted the doctor to testify in person. I tried to explain how he doesn’t do that, but would gladly do a video or regular deposition. The gal calling me was relentless and tried to threaten me with a subpoena to have him appear. To make a long story, short - let’s just say she’s still breathing and he’s going to be doing a video deposition.

My day started well, the middle wasn’t as pleasing as I would have liked but it ended well - hence the title of this post.

A local church was hosting a conference with a speaker that will be at church in April. We went to support them; we are friends with the pastor and his wife, and because we know the speaker. We heard Aaron Evans and was not disappointed. He’s a very good preacher/teacher – witty, easy to listen to, but most of all anointed. He speaks with authority. He's not full of himself and very down to earth.

Afterward he prayed for everyone. My husband and I were blessed and encouraged. So tonight I end this post simply by asking God to bless Aaron in his ministry because he truly blessed me.

© Nadine Z. 2007

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your day didn't continue to go as well as it started! Gotta hate that!