Friday, February 15, 2008

City Wide Prayer

Last Sunday marked the end of the 40 day city wide fast in our community. There were around 2,000 people that attended a prayer service. It was amazing to have so many people there with the sole purpose of seeking more of God.

Tom posted an article that appeared in our local paper about the event. Hop over here to check it out.

The pastors are going to continue to meet on a weekly basis to seek God. This is a very good thing.

Nadine Z. 2008

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chelle said...

It is so awesome that they can all come together and work together for the great good :)

Dawn said...

That is absolutely awesome. The Lord will definitely honor this. I'm sure I know someone in the tri-cities. I will have to do some asking around.

Have a blessed week-end!

Shionge said...

I am amazed by the numbers Nadine, wishing all is well :D

Kate said...

Wow. My heart just melted as I saw that picture...not that I didn't believe the gathering was possible or anything...just that when so many people come together from mixed traditions, one generally sees an uncertainty in the people as they attempt to mix their styles. I looked at the pic and saw people who appeared to be worshiping in their own way...without reservation. wooo Lord how my heart cries for that in the Denver Metro area.
In class, some of us were taling about revival and what it looked like long ago. My foster dad was a Pentecostal preacher, so I knew what "tent revivals" were all about. Some in the class had experienced that, and some had not, but we wondered what revival would look like today. One of the guys in class just said that all we could hope for is a revival within the hearts of the people. I believe it can be so much more powerful, and I truly believe that, before time expires, we will see a pouring out of revival in the United States...that all people can overcome their differences and gather together to worship God in unity as was always intended.
Thanks for sharing.

eph2810 said...

Girl - that is so awesome that the city-wide prayer was such a huge success. Cool that the pastors will continue to meet on a weekly basis. God is moving in your area :)