Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 3 – WY to CO

The day started with a fresh start and a good nights sleep (at least for Tom). We decided that today we would not push it and take it easy. Yesterday was long and tiring.

We started off in Rock Springs, WY. I have nothing against WY but there is just so much wide open space out there. Not much to see except more of this –

We got to Colorado and the scenery changed a bit. In the distance you can see the mountains. The pictures I took didn’t do it justice, so I’ll skip it. We found ourselves on E470. This highway was ridiculous. We understand tolls, we’re from NY. We have never seen a highway like this. We had to pay the toll three times at $6.00 (for 3 axels) a pop before we reached the highway we needed. We couldn’t believe how many tolls are along E470. So if you are ever in CO, see if you can avoid this highway or just take it for one exit. Also when you exit most of the roads from this highway you pay another toll (75 cents) but still, I’m just saying.

We realized that even CO looked similar to the other states we have been through eventually. Check out the picture below.

Now we are resting comfortably in Limon, CO. Tomorrow we'll end up in Wichita, KS. See ya'll tomorrow.

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Debz said...

Safe travels.
Saying a prayer for your travels and job hunting!
The Lord will provide! He always does.
Bless you

linda said...

Yes, I think Limon is out in the middle of no where but Denver and Littleton are great places...very pretty. We are considering CO as a possible place to move (as well as WA and OR). I love Colorado.

Glad to hear that your inching your way to your new home!

palmtreefanatic said...

my brother lives in CO. He loves it and we have yet to visit there...Safe travels...

Dawn said...

Praying for your travels. You should post a map with your stops and progress! A "Where's Nadine Now" map. Ha!


Cheri said...

I'm glad we have few toll roads here. Just one that I'm aware of.

Jacki said...

I love hearing about your travels. I've never seen so much flat land before! Amazing!

Kate said...


Next time call me...I'll meet you where you are...or at least you can have a place to stay for free...I'm right on the way. Of course I'm still in the UK, but I would have given you the code to my front door...anytime dahlin...just call (or blog, or email...whatever).

Kate said...

hee hee hee...I just saw your E470 sign. That's a LONG road AROUND the city...there are much better ways to get through for free...but I won't rub it in.

Yes, CO in the East looks like any other state...but, have to admit Denver ROCKS!!!


prayers for your journey continue

Elle*Bee said...

I hope you have a safe trip. Happy belated birthday, too!

Dawn said...

You definitely are seeing all the flat dry spots of these states. You went right by me on the interstate! And I wish I'd known - I could have advised you to stay on I25 and I70 and miss all those tolls. It's nice when you go to the airport, and it's a nice new road, but the priciness IS ridiculous!

Isn't Limon wonderful??? Ha. It's where everyone gets stuck during blizzards.

Penless Thoughts said...

Toll roads are the pits and we have a lot of them in Oklahoma. We have one right in Tulsa that we absolutely refuse to use!!!