Friday, October 24, 2008

Jake – Part III

When Jennifer got home from work the kids were all at the dining room table doing their homework. A smile crossed her face as she looked upon them. What a blessed woman she was to have such good kids. They looked up and saw their mother and came running towards her. All except Jake. He waited until his younger siblings were done with their hugs.
“Hi, ma. I started dinner. I put that chicken in the oven for you.”
Jennifer walked over to Jake and gave him a squeeze. “Jake, you’re just too good to me. Why don’t you all sit down, I have something to tell you.” They all sat and looked at her. She took a deep breath. She didn’t know how to put this in words. “Well, you all know Dr. Russ . . . well . . . you see, he’s my boss, but has also been my friend these past few years.” She looked at their blank faces and decided she should just come out with it. “Dr. Russ asked me to join him for dinner tonight. I accepted. He would like to get to know me on a more personal level.”
“Personal level? What does that mean?” asked Cindy.
“He wants mommy to be his girlfriend, stupid.” answered Jimmy.
“Jimmy, no name calling.”
“I’m sorry, Cindy.” Jimmy said sheepishly.
“Yes, Dr. Russ wants to start dating mommy. I don’t know where this will lead. Right now it’s just dinner. Are you all okay with that?”
“I like Dr. Russ. Does that mean you’re going to marry him?” Cindy said as Jimmy rolled his eyes.
“No, Cindy. It’s just dinner. I’m going to check on dinner for you guys. Who’s turn is it to set the table?”
With a total lack of enthusiasm, Jimmy answered, “My turn.”
Jennifer sat with the children as they ate and then went upstairs to change. The doorbell rang and she wasn’t quite ready so she yelled down the stairs, “Jake, get that please.”
Jake answered the door. There in front of him stood Dr. Russ. He had a big toothy grin and a large bouquet of red roses in his hand.
“Good evening, Jake.” Jake just looked at him without saying a word. “May I come in?” Jake wanted to slam the door in his face, but he fought the urge to do so. Jake motioned for him to enter. “I guess your mom’s not ready yet?” Still no words from Jake. “Do you mind if I sit down and wait?” Jake shrugged his shoulders.
“Why do you want to date my mom?” Jake asked almost accusingly.
“Well, Jake, I like her very much.”
Glaring, Jake said, “You better not hurt her or else you’ll answer to me! I’m the man of this house.”
“Jake, I like your mom very much. I had great respect for your father. I wouldn’t hurt her for anything in the world. I promise you.”
“I guess, we’ll see how it plays out.”
“Jake, I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?”
“I’m sorry for disrespecting you. I should have asked your permission to date your mom. I mean you are the man of the house.”
Jake thought that over and liked the idea very much. “I guess it’s okay with me.”
“Thank you, Jake. I appreciate it. What time would you like me to have her home?”
“You’re asking me?”
“Well, I don’t know. Mom doesn’t have a curfew.”
“Well, then I make sure it won’t be too late then.”
Jake, thought that maybe he was wrong about Dr. Russ. Maybe he deserved a fair shake, but he wasn’t about to make any hasty judgments.
I hope you all enjoyed my short story on Jake. It was fun to explore my creative juices on a story that had nothing to do with my current book.
© Nadine Zawacki 2008


chelle said...

awwwww I am so attached now ... will it all work out??? Where did they go for dinner???


You're good.

I want more!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your amazing talent for writing with us!

Dawn said...

Oh, no you don't! Part III cannot possibly be the end. Maybe Jake will come visit you in your dreams and tell you part IV?

Very nice!!!


Scarlet said...

And here I thought it was an excerpt from your book...but I love it! I love how Dr. Russ interacts with Jake. A wonderful man...and a doctor, too! Lucky family! ;)

Tom Zawacki said...

Hey, no way! You can't end there - I put my vote in with all the others, we want more!


Demara said...

haha I loved this story so far!!!

Is this the end?

I think it's just the beginning!! wink wink nudge nudge

Toby Parsons said...

I love the fact that women are the mens help meet, and she is the natural 'helper' in his practice. I also love the respect that Dr. Russ shows to the son. Great story Nadine. Keep writing! :)

Cheri said...

I enjoyed it.

Tammy said...

Nadine...I just caught up and read all three parts. But that's the end? Can't we see them go out on their date? I'm too much of a romantic to not want to see this through...;)

Kellan said...

Great story, Nadine - I really enjoyed it. I've been reading on and off over the as couple of days. Good job!

Hope you've had a good weekend - Kellan

Shionge said...

This sure tickles me Nadine and it is good to be light-hearted sometimes and for a moment I feel so good to be so wrapped up in this short tale :)

Still, happy ending to them soon!

Steph said...

So I know you are not going to leave us hanging...again.

We love your creative juices! You can slobber them all over us anytime you feel like it.

(sitting down on the edge of the seat)

Ok, so you were at the part where Jake was thinking he may have been wrong about Dr. Russ...go on...