Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Son

Today is my son’s 23rd birthday. I’m so proud of him and how he’s pursuing his dreams. I miss him terribly because he lives in California, but I look forward to seeing him at Christmas.

I’ve been thinking about the times when he was a little boy. There are a couple of stories that come to mind. I’m going share them with you. So come take this walk down memory lane with me.

When he was about three years old one of his favorite foods to eat was hamburgers. He had an interesting way of saying it. Our son would say, “Hangermer.” At dinner one night, Tom tried to teach him how to say it properly.

Tom told him to repeat after me, “Ham.”
He said, “Ham.”
Tom said, “Burg.”
He said, “Burg.”
Tom said, “Er.”
He said, “Er.”
Tom said, “Hamburger.”
He repeated, “Hamburger.”
Tom said, “Very good son.”

A little time went by and we continued to eat. Our son looked at his dad and said, “Dad. Hang – ger – mer. Hangermer.”

We just laughed. He’s so very smart.

The last story I will tell you about is when he was about five years old. I was home alone with both kids. I was walking down the stairs, when suddenly I lost my footing. I grabbed a hold of the hand rail and my arm got twisted and stuck as my body propelled forward. I thought my arm was broken. It hurt so much, but I didn’t want to panic the children. My son came running to me and he yelled out to sister, “Hurry up, we have to pray.” He placed his hand on me and his sister came and did the same. He said something that I couldn’t make out and then, “Amen!” He had such confidence. Here’s the thing. My arm went from pain that I thought I would pass out from to instantly better. About twenty minutes later it was as if nothing happened. I had no pain or discomfort at all.

There are many reasons why I love my son and so many good memories I have of him. Today I remember them fondly and say, “Happy Birthday, Son. Your father and I love you very much.”

© Nadine Zawacki 2008


Prairie Chick said...

so precious, Nadine. You are blessed!

Demara said...

How does it go again? If we are not like children we will not enter the kingdom of Heaven...

I think even children can be prayer warriors and God activists.

I wonder at what age a child can start memorizing scripture aka wisdom? hmmm...just a thought. I think if they have the Bible hidden in their hearts then God can really speak through them!

And Happy Birthday to your boy!!!

I remember reading that story about you and your arm before and I love it! God can truly work through anyone, hey?!?!?

It's All Good! said...

Wow, Nadine, I wish my faith was that of a little child again. Love those cute memories.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Scarlet said...

I love how his first instinct was to pray for you when you were hurt. What a sweetie!

He was raised well.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Smary Pants! :)

Bex said...

The hamburger story cracks me up! Remember Steve Martin's Pink Panther? He had trouble with Hamburger too!

Tammy said...

Happy birthday to your son, Nadine!

I remember your telling the last story before and it is SO incredible...or maybe you told me in a reply to my post. Anyway, it's a beautiful reminder of how God honors a child's simple faith.

(And love the ham-bur-ger story, too!) :)

Penless Thoughts said...

Lovely post about your dear son.

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your beautiful son. What a delightful time of year for a birthday!

As I read your memories, I felt there with you. I could just hear the "ham- burg- er"! Then the familiar "hang- ger- mer"! It makes me smile.

The memory of your son praying... that is miraculous. The belief and faith of children are great lessons for all of us.

I wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving... and I thank you for being my lovely, lovely friend...

Art said...

Happy birthday to him!

chelle said...

awww many wonderful birthday wishes for your son!

Dawn said...

I love these stories. I had a good talk about heaven with Feisty today and there's nothing that makes my heart feel any better! Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

Anonymous said...

tell Tommy Happy Birthday for us too, when you talk to him :)
Miss you Helen

Monica said...

Sounds like you have a terrific son!

Cheri said...

This reminded me of when my daughter was 3 months shy of 2. She pronounced Truck with an F.
We tried to correct her by saying..."It's T-T-T-Truck". We did this often enought...that after a short time, she'd see a truck and yell..."There's a T-T-T-(Truck with an F)."

Dawn said...

At our house, it was paz-paz (pizza) from our son!

Hmmm... faith like a child's. Too bad we often forget it as adults, right?


adam said...

sweet! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday to your son. I got such a kick out of the hamburger pronunciation because if you check out my blog I just did a post about my 5 year old telling the neighborhood last night we were having crabiolis (raviolis) for supper.

Scarlet said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Nadine! :)

Smooth Sailing said...

Nadine, what a wonderful post. Shows what a wonderful mother you are...teaching your children to "think to pray". Thank you for the reminder that I always need to TEACH my children to remember that God is with them ALWAYS.

Love you blog.

all over the map said...

i couldn't think of anything more valuable and precious than to give a child the practice of prayer and faith in Our Lord. my heart melted a bit hearing that your son prayed for you.
happy "belated" birthday to a very handsome young man.