Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chocolate Factory

Tom and I stopped in Hershey, PA and got to see Chocolate World. It was fun. It’s part of the whole chocolate town of Hershey, PA. Check out the lamp post kisses.
There is a free tour that was very cute – complete with a ride, singing cows and how chocolate is made in a factory. Most of my pictures came out dark because there was not enough light, but here are a few.After the tour we got asked to give our opinion on their orange crème kisses. We were taken to a room, given a sample and we had to fill out a form. We got free chocolate at the end for participating. Yum. Results: I liked it but Tom didn’t. I thought it taste like a Creamsicle and Tom taught it had an aftertaste like baby aspirin. Funny, huh – two totally different opinions.
The store part of Chocolate World had everything chocolate – even a chocolate Barbie Doll. Here are some pictures from inside.
Look Tina - they had palm trees in Chocolate World.
Tom posing for me. He's so cute.
Tom knew this would end up on the blog. He's a good sport.
We had lots of fun and then headed out to see my mom in Stroudsburg, PA. She lives with my sister and her family. Next stop – New York! Yeah. No more living out of suitcases.

© Nadine Zawacki 2009


Jourdan said...

WHAT?? You went to CHOCOLATE world without me??? I can't believe this..... :)

love you nadine! can't wait for you to get "home"!

Dawn said...

Hope you ate your weight in chocolate!

Tom Zawacki said...

you are the world's best traveling companion!

I love you!

Susan said...

We had the pleasure of visiting Hershey. Such a fun place!!!

Dawn said...

Does the whole town smell like chocolate? I would love to visit that place. Looks like fun. Chocolate Barbies?? Unbelievable.

I think I would gain many pounds just walking through!

I think I'd be with Tom on the orange chocolate candy.

palmtreefanatic said...

WOW!!! Thanks for the palm tree!;)
So bizarre you went on the Hershey tour!!! Its been a few yrs but we went there too! I have been there as a little girl too! Funny thing is my youngest is now OBSESSED With Hershey of all things and Hershey's chocolate world! so he will love this post! I will def share this with him! He is dying to go, perhaps someday!

so cool to try this new chocolate, we got fresh little hershey bars when we went and we paid dearly to see the theater show! fun times!

Bex said...

orange cream kisses? a store dedicated to hersheys chocolate? (drooling all over my keyboard)

Keshi said...

now thats real DELICIOUS fun wow! :)


Louise said...

Mmmm chocolate world, sounds delicious!!
Tom is such a good sport ;)
You guys are too cute!

Kate said...

I just love Hershey, PA. I love everything about it, the history of the business, orphans, everything...can't say I would love orange ad chocolate mixed...hmm.
love you

Shionge said...

I wish you could just bring me along ;(

I have this sudden urge to have some chocolate now hehehehe...

Glad you had fun :D

Mocha Dad said...

Ah! Chocolate.

jennifer said...

Oh YUM! I want to visit Hershey, PA in a bad way. And now? After reading your post? I want to see it even worse!!

Love the pictures of Tom (I can HEAR you saying "He's so cute").

Enjoy your visit with your mother. And as much fun as I know you have had, I am glad that you won't have to live out of your suitcase anymore.

Prayers for you as I imagine that you will be very busy now that you are HOME!!

chelle said...

mmm chocolate!

Christina said...

I love Hershey park. I remember years ago they would give you a big Hershey bar after the tour, then they cut it down to a small one. At least you got to try the new product.