Friday, May 15, 2009

Beauty is in the eyes of . . .

It was time for me to get my passport renewed. I went to the Post Office and they gave me a form and told me I needed to get my picture taken. Oh, no! I hate getting my picture taken for these types of things. It never comes out nice and it always looks like a mug shot. I got the photo done at CVS (located near the post office) and they had to do it twice. I'm just glad to get it over with.

I go to the Post Office and the very nice lady said to me, “Oh, honey we can’t use this picture. They’ll reject it because you hair is covering your eye. Just go back have them do it again and when you come back don’t wait on line, just right up to my window.”

Fine. I get it done again. My hair was just slightly over my eye. You could see 98% of my eye, but the picture was okay. The third time was the worst. I mentioned that it wasn’t a good shot and the lady said to me, “All these pictures come out bad, it’s just the way it is.” Thanks. I’m so glad my photo is as hideous as everyone else’s. I appreciate the support and understanding. Whatever happened to lying to the customer. “Oh, it’s a nice shot. Everyone thinks their photo is bad, but this is one looks good.”

I’ve met beautiful women – I mean, model beautiful – and they have no self-confidence in their beauty or truly believe they are not attractive at all. I’ve met women that the world may say is not very beautiful – but they have charm and carry themselves as if they were Miss America. Why is that? I think it’s because beauty comes from within. I have a hard time accepting compliments from Tom, but he consistently tells me I’m beautiful. He tells me daily. He says he loves me daily. There are days I say thank you and there are days I look at him with the eyes of woman who’s happy the man she’s married to believes she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Why do I diminish his compliment? Does he love for me lesson my beauty in his eyes? Does it really matter what my passport photo looks like? Does the beauty inside leak on the outside?

If my focus is on Him who created me then the beauty he created (me) is beautiful in the eyes that matter the most – His. It’s the whole package and when I am not happy with any part of the package, that is when I’ll pick on the outside of me – I’m too heavy, this looks terrible on me, my hair looks gross today. I’ll also pick on the inside – I’m not very nice, I’m too critical, I should think more of others.

To be honest I do like my eyes and I like to make people laugh. So, what part of the outside do you like about yourself? What do you like about what’s inside of you? Come on, I shared, now it’s your turn.

© Nadine Zawacki 2009


Tom Zawacki said...

I still like your snuggly bits the best... (grin, grin)


Susan said...

Great picture of your beautiful eyes. I like my hands and nails the best, on the outside, and I have a caring heart on the inside.

Anonymous said...

You do have pretty eyes! Thanks so much for stopping in at Babasfarmlife and commenting. It is such a worthy cause. At my age everything outside is slowly going downhill, but the inside is still beautiful.

Dawn said...

I love that picture of you - goregeous eyes!

My eyes are my favorite, too. And, eyes are what I always notice about people. On the inside, I think I'm very generous.

Merry said...

It is too bad the Passport place can't use your blog photo--you are so pretty! You ask the questions every woman should be asking...what about the positive things?

I like my blue eyes and my (uh) blonde hair :)

Bex said...

Jesus was the most beautiful person to walk the earth and yet his appearance was prophesied as:

"He grew up before him like a tender shoot,
and like a root out of dry ground.
He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him."
Isaiah 53:2

yet people were so drawn to him. and this was His light that drew them, not his outward appearance. jesus was more of a woody allen and less of a george clooney. although, He is a George Clooney in my eyes!

Speaking of eyes - you have such pretty eyes! They are so big and open - not that you would shut them for a picture (on purpose) but they are just really pretty.

i am getting a little insecure about these wrinkles between my eyebrows. i'm 31 and they are just starting to show. that and my teeth could use a professional whitening.

Bex said...

oh wait! are we supposed to comment about what we LIKE about ourselves?

my hair and my nails grow really fast. and i have a really good butt.

Jourdan said...

haha, this is great being able to read other people's comments about what they like about themselves... talk about encouraging words!! And yes, Nadine, you have the most beautiful eyes!!

Your post was so thoughtful, beauty truly does come from within. I've had days when I feel totally confident in myself and days when I feel's all about how you carry yourself on the inside that matters. Love you Nadine!


Yvonne Todd said...

I agree with Tom, and the God who created you - you are beautiful, inside and out.
Me... I like my eyes, and more and more my smile. When I think about it, I also like the way I carry myself. Hope it doesn't sound to stuck up but as I carry myself regally I find that others "pull themselves up" as well. Inside, I love that I am a child of God, and that I can love people for the children of God that they are, hopefully encouraging them to see themselves in that way, and in a deeper way.
BTW, the word verification I had to post this comment: joyin...

Scarlet said...

Tom's comment is funny. :)

I think I have pretty eyes, too. What I like about the INSIDE of me is my compassionate heart. I feel everyone's pain and ALWAYS get too emotionally involved. (Come to think of it, that's not always such a good thing...) Oh well, USUALLY it is. :)

Great post, Nadine!! Btw, I think you have a nice smile and AWESOME hair as well!

Dawn said...

It's hard to come up with something about myself that I really like. Sad, eh? I like my height, which I didn't like when I was young.

Inside, I give a lot of myself to others.

On a silly note, I am continuing to use my very old driver's license, because I actually like the photo!

LDH said...

I think the picture you posted is just adorable! I like my ears... they are small, close to my head with attached lobes... just like my dad's. I also really like my feet when I have a pedicure which is one of my very favorite things. Silly, but you asked.

ps I received a gift card from one of my daughter's for Mother's Day for a pedicure... she knows her mama!

Shionge said...

You do have beautiful eyes and it speaks volume ;) When I hold your book every night and look at your picture, it's like 'communicating' with you through your eyes ;D

JT said...

I love this post...
"That which is loved is always beautiful" I forgot who said that but I love that quote.

chelle said...

ugh those mug shots never turn out well do they?!?!

Beauty is an inner thing :)