Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye to LOST

If you haven’t watched the series finale of LOST, then you may not want to read the rest of this post. It will contain spoilers.

LOST has to be one my favorite shows ever. It was well written, well acted and quite entertaining. It kept people talking about theories of what the island was about and who exactly were the original inhabitants. Theories about characters and storylines were all over the internet and around water coolers.

I have to admit, I didn’t watch LOST when it was first on. Our daughter watched it and fell in love with the show. Tom and I felt we didn’t have time in our lives to watch “another show.” But my clever girl waited until the summer and LOST was showing re-runs of the first season. So we watched and from the first time Jack’s eye opened to the end of the first episode we were hooked.

I hate to say farewell, but I have to hand it to the producers for going out on top. I haven’t seen this much excitement for a show since the last episode of MASH. I realized I just aged myself, but it’s okay.

The big question remains – were you satisfied with its conclusion? When Jack saw his dad and realized he was dead and that all his friends were dead, I was at first confused and almost felt let down. As I continued to watch and ponder the ending, I realized how brilliant these writers were and what a perfect ending for characters I have grown to love over the past six years.

I was so excited to see couples unite – Hurley and Libby, Sayid and Shannon, Charlie and Claire, Jin and Sun. My favorite; Sawyer and Juliet.

I’m not sure I understand all that I watched last night, but I do feel satisfied. It would not be LOST if it didn't leave you with more questions about what happened. I will be watching that last episode again and again. In fact, Tom and I are going to start with the first season.

The ending shot of Jack’s eye closing was perfect. It ended as it began with a shot of Jack’s eye. Thank you LOST for entertaining me for the last six years. You will be missed, but not forgotten. I know you will be talked about for years to come.

Okay LOST fans, what did you think about the finale? Who was your favorite character? Let me know what’s on your mind.

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Dawn said...

I never watched it, but it sounds like it was a great time for you.

Knitting Mania said...

Nadine...THANK YOU for this positive post on "LOST"!!! I have read so much negative about the ending that I want to PUKE!

I too am a "LOST" fan and have LOVED every season. Sunday night was amazing for me. I settled in at 7 pm and didn't move until 1 am (after watching Jimmy K's show).

I LOVED the ending and felt the writers were sooo brilliant. Loved how they ended with Jack closing his eyes, are you kidding me, excellent!!!! LOL

I really understood in the last hour...the focus was on all the individual relationships and how they all impacted each other's lives. Jack being the main character who impacted all of them the most, that's why they all waited for Jack to die so they could all meet together in the church and go into the light "ALL" togther. HAAAaaa I loved it! I felt there was a sense of God and Heaven at the end. Loved how they all had their "awakenings", then realizing they were now dead. And Christian, Jack's dad, being the one to usher Jack into his realization of his own death, wow, great!

I have to admit the death of the 'smoke monster' was dumb, and left us all saying, "WHAT?", but I moved on and didn't let that spoil the rest for me.

I'm meeting up with my friend Dustye this weekend and we are watching the 2 hour ending again, together, to re-hash our thoughts.

I too will miss this series, I have to purchase this one for sure!


Christina said...

I thought it was fantastic. What a tearjerker. Every time two characters remembered there were tears in my eyes. It think the let down was almost like mourning. I felt sad that they were gone but glad that the afterlife was pictured as a place to look forward too. Especially when the light surrounded them. I also thought that the way the people needed each other to find their way was really a good point. Showing the crashed Oceanic flight at the very end kind of took my breath away. Seeing the planes wreckage all over the place. Very heartfelt. Okay I guess you can tell I loved it. I loved lost, I loved that it was filmed here, I loved that all the stars came out for the red carpet every year down at Waikiki, and I loved that "Jack" frequented Kailua Jamba Juice. Lost will be missed.