Monday, September 27, 2010

Burning Man - Part VII

This was Tom’s third time going to Burning Man. In the past I was unable to go with him because of work. I always felt like I sent a part of me with him when he went. When he came home he would tell me stories about being there. I felt like I was there with him because my heart was with him.

When we got there one of the first questions Tom asked me was, “Is it what you imagined?” It was exactly as I imagined it to be. I felt like I was there before. I looked around and it looked familiar and felt right. It was amazing.

It’s not all fun and games on the playa. There is the fact that as team we agreed not to shower. When you have 40 members and only two RV’s either some shower or none at all. Body wipes are very helpful.

The other thing was the port-o-potties. They didn’t bother me. Mind you port-o-potties are gross, but you can wrap your mind around anything for only a week. There should be an unspoken rule when using port-o-potties - cover your poop. It appeared that there many who were proud of their creations. It doesn’t take much to throw extra paper in there to cover it up. I’m just sayin’.

The team worked hard during the day and at night after dinner, we got to relax and spend time with one another. It was great to get to know new people and spend time with folks we don’t get to see often. We laughed and then laughed some more. We told each other stories about ourselves and it was great. Some of the team members would go for a ride on the shopping cart.

My favorite part of the week was when James bought me an ice cream cone. That’s right – on Thursday, I had ice cream in the desert. It was glorious. I heard the angels sing. Thanks James, I love you. I want to thank Dr. Seuss for letting James know how much I wanted ice cream.

Here are some art work that was on display. My favorite is the Dancing Lady (pictured above and below).
The Human Ant Farm.

Art work at night.

Random pieces I enjoyed.

© Nadine Zawacki 2010


Scarlet Ily said...

Oh no! My comment disappeared with an error message! :(

I basically told you how much I enjoy reading about your experience, especially that ice cream in the desert, and looking at all your fabulous photos. Love the dancing chica and the ant hill. What I wouldn't give to be a part of all that excitement!

Keep sharing! It's all great stuff!!

Bex said...

Wow! that artwork is amazing!

Christina said...

Wow this looks amazing. The night pics are great!