Saturday, October 02, 2010

Burning Man - Wrap Up

The experience of Burning Man was amazing for me, but it did have it’s difficulties. Tom and I knew it was probably the last time we would go. It was physically demanding on us. I’ve had problems with my knees and spent the whole week with my knees swollen and in pain. I didn’t let it get to me. Everyone was kind and I did lots of things sitting down.

While we were there I found out that my mom broke her hip. It was two days after the fact. Connection to the internet was a bit rough. She had an operation while I was in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing I could do for her, but she was constantly on my mind. After I had a good cry on Tom’s shoulder, I decided there was only one thing I could do – leave her in God’s hand. I was powerless but not hopeless. What helped was going on the offensive and doing what I was there to do. Being engaged in encounters helped me to focus on others rather than myself. My mom is recovering, but it’s a slow road because of her Alzheimer’s. She keeps forgetting where she is and why she’s there.

One of the ladies on the team was helping her brother do a photo project called, “Why Do You Do What You Do?” It was fun to be part of this project.

Tom’s answer.

My answer.
Tom and I got to participate in a documentary on long term marriage. His name was Vision Air and he wanted to explore long term successful marriages. He was in the camp next door and there to interview couples on camera. A part of the documentary had to do with Burning Man and if it had an effect on long term marriages. He had interviewed some of the people from our camp and they told them about Tom and me. On the last day we filmed for about half an hour. He asked us questions about marriage and what we thought made for a successful marriage. We signed releases and gave him our information. If he uses our footage we will be part of his film named “Glue.”

Burning Man was an incredible experience. It was good even though at times it was hard. It moved me and changed me. I loved it and I’m grateful to the team for their kindness and their love. (The entire team is pictured above.)

Thank you for joining me on my journey.

© Nadine Zawacki 2010


Knitting Mania said...

Wow Nadine...just finished reading all your posts on "Burning Man". What an experience, eh? I remember some of the stories Cindy shared with me about folks from the church going. Amazing opportunity to minister to the lost. Great pictures, very colorful, loved your pink and Tom's blue!! LOL

Good job Mamma Bear!!

Scarlet Ily said...

Love the team picture and hearing about your adventures with "Burning Man." Sounds like you went through a series of emotions but your faith stayed right on track. :)

Inspirational...and I hope I see you and Tom in "Glue" someday. Sounds fascinating.

Bex said...

I love your answer - to share the passion of your heart. Perfect! You and Tom are adorable and perfect to interview for a documentary about long term marriage - not just because you have one but because you work it!

Doesn't your son do film making? Was he impressed when you told him you were interviewed for a documentary?

Nadine said...

Knitting Mania - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Scarlet - It would be cool to be in "Glue" and believe me I'll let you know. :)

Bex - My son thought it was cool. It was an interesting thing to do with Tom.

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your mom.

Burning man sounds like an amazing encounter. Glad you got to go.

a woman who is said...

Just getting caught up on your posts. This really caught my attention and my heart.

"I was powerless but not hopeless. What helped was going on the offensive and doing what I was there to do. Being engaged in encounters helped me to focus on others rather than myself."

That was a great word, I am going to tuck that one away for future powerless feeling moments.

Love you and hope your mama is doing better!