Thursday, October 28, 2010


Our kids told us about Netflix. I’ve seen the commercials and know it’s only $9.00 a month, blah, blah, blah. I just wasn’t interested, but because our kids enjoyed it so much, we decided to give it a try. To make it easier you can try it for a month for free.

For your $9.00 you have unlimited access to movies and television shows online. You can order one DVD at a time to view at home if it’s not available for instant access. The DVDs are delivered to your mailbox and you return it for free by dropping it in the mailbox when you are done. There are no late fees or trips to the store. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

You’re probably asking yourself why is she promoting Netflix? Is she getting a kick back? I love Netflix and unfortunately I don’t get anything for this blog post. When you find something you like, you want to tell your friends about it.

Lately I’ve had trouble sleeping and I’ve enjoyed watching old television shows I’ve never seen before (and are now cancelled) for the first time. No commercials. No anticipation for the next season. I have discovered some gems: Veronica Mars, Roswell, Jack and Bobby. I’m sorry that these shows didn’t get more of chance the first time around.

When you add a show online you can watch it online or on your television if you have a device such as a Roku box. Makes watching even easier.

So if you are a lover of movies or television shows, try Netflix. You get a lot for your $9.00 a month.

Do you have Netflix? Do you enjoy it?

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9 comments: said...

I love Netflix! You can keep the DVD's for as long as you want and don't incur any fees. I love that I can also watch via my wii as well

Dawn said...

We've been using Netflix for almost 10 years now! We started using them when they were new and their only dvd distribution center was in CA... and we were in VA... so it was a little slow. Now, they have locations everywhere so it's very fast. The kids love the "on demand" stuff for when they are bored.

Kate said...

I'm also a fan of netflix!

Shionge said...

This is cool but no, we don't have such service at the moment. We do not dispenser with DVD though.

Jacki said...

We get Netflix and love it! I can't tell you when was the last time we went to's been years.

FlyPaper, Ink. said...

I, too, love NETFLIX. Personally, I have a Samsung BluRay DVD player that has Wireless capability or Internet through ethernet cable. I chose the wired (ethernet cable) so the access would be cleaner and more assured. I totally LOVE the fact that I can sit down anytime I want and find a good movie to watch - and then the DVDs come along and bang! Movie night!! ;)

Bill Lancaster said...

Hi Nadine,

Not only do I have it, and use it frequently, my son Colin works there in customer service.

I use it largely for watching small independent movies. I'll send you an email with some recommendations.

Bless you,

Bill Lancaster

jennifer said...

I have thought about using Netflix but haven't gotten around to it. This makes me want to give it a try!

palmtreefanatic said...

we tried Netflix, yeah it was neat! only thing I didn't like about the free month trial was they started to bill me after having it 2 weeks! we don't have enough time to watch that many! Enjoy it though:)