Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In My Humble Opinion

There has been some good, bad and ugly on television lately. Everyone has opinions about what they like to watch. Here’s my humble opinion:

The Good

American Idol is among “the good” on television. The new judges are fabulous. They have bought new energy back to the show. It seems the talent this year is better than ever. The judges are still tough but honest. They are having fun which makes for us having fun.

The Bad

Chicago Code is among “the bad.” When the commercials for your show turn out to be better than the actual show . . . then important questions must be asked. Am I paying the ad guy enough money? Would better writers save the show? I don’t think so. I watched it for about 15 minutes and I’ll never get back those minutes.

The Ugly

Commercials lately have been among “the ugly.” I’m not sure which phone company it was but there is a commercial where a girl is up in a tree outside her boyfriend’s house. She’s talking about their date by checking on his Twitter, Facebook, etc. Serious stalking issues and totally yucky. Which leads me to mention “Groupon.” Wow. . . they paid lots of money to be seen during the Superbowl and they were totally inappropriate.

My question to you is this – what shows or commercials would you put in “the good,” “the bad,” and “the ugly?”

© Nadine Zawacki 2011


Dawn said...

I have never been able to figure out what Groupon is - didn't watch the Super Bowl. I only watch DVR'd shows any more, so avoid all commercials!

As for American Idol - I decided last year not to watch it, because I can't handle Ellen. This year, I watched a few minutes of the very first episode and decided I didn't like Stephen Tyler, or whatever his name is - so not watching it this year either. I'm hooked on Biggest Loser instead.

Candice Rose said...

I have lots of goods right now haha but I'll try to minimize.

Bad maybe even Ugly - One Tree Hill. I invested many years because it USED to be a good show in the first 4-5 seasons. They should've just ended it a year or two ago. The acting went down hill, the story line went downhill and overall the show from beginning to end has changed and not for the better. There used to be poems and excerpts of literature read throughout the show and new music that perfectly fit what was going on. It would catch your attention so you would google the artist. The show would leave you hanging and wanting to see the next episode and now... Bleh.
But I'm having a hard time stopping until it's officially over because I know the majority of the characters haha

Tim and I love SouthLAnd. It's a police/investigation show on TNT (I think it used to be on NBC) It's non stop action from beginning to end. The acting is good. The story lines are well written. It's emotional and we just like it a lot.

I agree with you on American Idol. I love Steven Tyler because he adds something much different this season and it looks like he's having fun being a judge. I know I don't know him but it seems like he has a good heart.

I must say that we usually only watch shows that we DVR so we can avoid commercials. That's what I love most about American Idol on DVR. I don't have to wait when Ryan says "The person going through is... we'll find out after the break" I just have to stay off any form of social network for those that post who won or who got kicked off until I watch it.

I also really like Parenthood
and of course... How I met your mother!! that's my fav :)

Betsy said...

Oh...I'm glad to know about Chicago Code. The promos looking good but I hadn't watched yet. Maybe I'll just skip. LOL. Thanks for the warning! :)

jennifer said...

There is a local commercial for pole dancing classes. Seriously. And this isn't after-midnight programming either. I could just see me grabbing my gym bag and saying, "I'll be back in a bit y'all. I've got pole dancing class. Just warm up the leftovers in the fridge for supper. Mwah!"

It would sound more honest to say, "Bye! Mommy's gotta get her freak on." yuuuuuuuck.

Good? I have enjoyed watching Outsourced on NBC. It can be a little trashy too but it still cracks me up.

Christina said...

I like American Idol. I was watching "The Cape" with the boys and thought it was a pretty good action series for me to share with the boys, but the rest of America apparently doesn't agree. There is a lot I'd put in the Ugly category, shows and commercials.